March 3, 2022

VU Invites Students to a Virtual Study Fair

Vilnius University (VU) has opened registration to a virtual fair for students from Lithuania and abroad. The education fair will be held on such an interactive platform for the first time in Lithuania on March 18-19.

Informative seminars on study programs, admission guidelines, and opportunities for students offered by VU will be discussed. In addition, study program consultants, lecturers, and students will directly consult all admission and study issues in a virtual environment.

“Living in the conditions of a pandemic forces us to change the usual formats, so this year VU invites students to a virtual but no less interactive study fair. The information will be presented to its participants in the most convenient way: by communicating directly in the stands of individual departments, during lectures and presentations in conference halls seminars, through informal conversations with faculty and business representatives, career counselors, and famous and inspiring personalities,” says VU Vice-Rector for Studies Dr. Valdas Jaskūnas.

Another innovation reflecting VU’s strategic internationalization direction is the opportunity to hear and see the information provided at the fair in two languages: Lithuanian and English.

There will be 16 stands at the VU study fair. In one of them, students will be consulted on general issues of admission requirements. In the other 15, students will get better acquainted with VU faculties – their study programs, student associations, and recordings of various lectures. In addition, new VU study programs will be introduced to prospective students.

The participants of the fair will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the VU community itself: students and future lecturers. The virtual fair will also feature exciting lectures by VU scholars about Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and the responsibility for their illegal content, how to jazz through the labyrinths of light, what is the change in the balance of power in international politics, what love and marriage looked like a hundred years ago, and many other topics.

Researchers of VU Faculty of Physics Dr. Jonas Jurkevičius, Dr. Mantas Šimėnas, Dr. Akvilė Zabiliūtė, and Doc. Vytautas Jukna will read the report “I feel like I’m prone to physics, am I normal?”

“This report, and even more so – a free-form conversation-discussion will allow getting acquainted with the subtleties of the VU Faculty of Physics: the academic environment, community life, and, most importantly, the education of a physicist. The interlocutors are ready to reveal and share a real portrait of a physicist,” says one of the speakers, Dr. J. Jurkevičius.

Participants of the study fair will listen to 16 lectures, debates, and presentations for two days and communicate in person, as well as write to consultants at each stand and ask questions to a specific person, participate in group discussions and consultations. In addition, participants will be able to collect points, and the most active will be awarded prizes: an invitation to St. The bell tower of St. John’s Church (500 invitations in total) and gifts with VU attributes. Information on collecting points will be provided on the study fair platform.

Register for the 2022 study fair can be found here. You can also find more information on Facebook.