July 22, 2020

LSU alumnus Edgaras Stankevičius: “My career in sports management started during my studies”

The Secretary General of the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) Edgaras Stankevičius finds time to visit his Alma Mater, Lithuanian Sports University (LSU), to share successful experiences with students and teachers despite a busy agenda.

“I am a curious person, so while studying at school I took interest in different things to choose the best option for my studies. I took additional computer courses, went in sports law and participated in various seminars. I was positive about my place in sport. As a teenager, I realised that I would not become a professional athlete, so I engaged in sports management. It was a new speciality at the time. I really do not regret choosing  Lithuanian Sports University for my studies,” says E. Stankevičius.

Edgaras Stankevičius, LSU alumni

Edgaras graduated from LSU with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sports and Tourism Management. He was delighted at the opportunity to successfully combine studies with work. “I started working as a team manager at the University Basketball Club “Athlete” in my first year. This enabled me to gain very useful practical experience of sports management, to get to know how the club works and various sporting events and camps are organized. While studying at LSU, I acquired important theoretical knowledge, which I applied and am still applying in my daily activities,” says LSU alumnus.

As an active, communicative and innovation-oriented person, Edgaras continued his career and worked as a manager at Kaunas Basketball School “Tornado”, as a project manager of the basketball portal “Basketnews.lt”, later he became the director of Kaunas District Women’s Basketball Club “Sirenos”, worked as a project manager at the Lithuanian Basketball League and a commerce manager at LFF. Now E. Stankevičius is the Secretary General of the LFF. “I am responsible for all activities of the LFF administration, I communicate with FIFA and UEFA. In the organization, I am responsible for financial management, LFF budget, its control, and the distribution of funds to associations. In addition, I take care of LFF management, strategy development and its supervision, LFF human resources. My main goal is to change the image of LFF and promote positive changes in Lithuanian football,” says E. Stankevičius.

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Source – Lithuanian Sports University.