July 2, 2020

Vilnius University Business School Offers Five Scholarships for Bachelor Students of International Business Programme

Five one-time scholarships equal of 500 Eur each for the most motivated and competent international students applying to Bachelor programme of International Business are offered by Vilnius University Business School.

Scholarship is payable directly to the successful applicant after his/her arrival to study at Vilnius University Business School.


Candidate can apply from any foreign country and has to be unconditionally accepted to study International Business Bachelor’s study program at Vilnius University Business School.

Applicant must submit a motivational letter explaining why he/she decided to study International Business and how these studies would contribute to his/her professional and personal growth.

Motivational letter must be up to 500 words and sent by e-mail to admission@vm.vu.lt

Application deadline for the scholarship is the 31st of July, 2020. The final list of students nominated for the scholarship will be announced no later than the 10th of August, 2020.

For more information, please contact Vilnius University Business School by e-mail at admission@vm.vu.lt.

Scholarship at VU Business School