June 17, 2020

No More Lockdown in Lithuania!

The lockdown in Lithuania ends today, however the country will further remain under the conditions of an emergency situation, a legal regime introduced back in February.

The quarantine, which took place due to COVID-19 pandemic, took effect exactly three months ago on March 16. Today the quarantine will be lifted, which means the requirements for personal protection equipment in shops, on public transportation, inside indoor offices and during events are no longer mandatory, but still highly recommended. The physical distance requirement will remain in cafes and restaurants. As of Wednesday, up to 700 people can attend open-air events, and up to 150 can take part in closed-space events. These numbers will increase in early July.

Covid-19 outside, lockdown

On Tuesday, The Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania published a list of 45 countries, most affected by COVID-19. Isolation is optional yet recommended for the travelers returning or arriving from those countries 45 countries.

As of Tuesday, June 16th, a total of 1,776 coronavirus cases had been recorded in Lithuania. 76 people had died.