Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Šiauliai State College

Šiauliai State College is the only state higher educational institution in Šiauliai county that provides higher college education.

These higher schools in Šiauliai had their own history. In 1946-1991 there was a Nursing School in the town which in 1991 became a High School of Medicine. In 1961-1991 there was Polytechnic School in Šiauliai, which in 1991 became Higher Technical School.

In 2002 Šiauliai Higher Technical School became the Faculty of Business and Technology of Šiauliai College and Šiauliai Higher School of Medicine – Faculty of Health Care of Šiauliai College. 10 higher education non-university study programs were carried out in the two faculties of Šiauliai College in 2002-2003. Throughout the entire life of the College, the number of study programmes has almost tripled corresponding to labour market needs.

Šiauliai State College has proved that during more than ten years of its activity it has been acknowledged to be a Higher School in which qualified studies have been pursued. The studies are practice-orientated; modern and democratic environment of College has been created.
Šiauliai State College offers more than 20 study programmes for its students. The programmes include biomedical, social and technological fields. Such a wide spectrum of study programmes has been indicated by the needs of the labour market and perspectives of the development.

Šiauliai State College that:

  • provides higher college education;
  • provides opportunities to acquire Bachelor’s degree as well as a professional qualification that is based on applied scientific activity; it ensures the quality of the studies as well as the study process that meets the standards of the European Union;
  • quickly and flexibly reacts to the changes in the labour market; trains qualified specialists, perform re-qualification, continuing education, educates the society that is open to culture, education and knowledge;
  • educates a personality that is creative, respectable, educated, ethically responsible, civil, independent and entrepreneurial.

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