Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) is an internationally recognized higher education institution, which trains artists for a professional career in music, theatre, dance and film. Specializing in art education, the Academy also offers the didactics of art disciplines, music therapy, art management and art research studies, which combined with artistic and creative practice on doctoral level make the Academy’s profile distinguished.

Student-centered teaching and learning, research and artistic research, artistic practice in creation, performance, improvisation and collaboration with creative industries shifts the LMTA towards open innovation and constant development.

There are numerous events and artistic projects organized durign the entire study year (over 400) when students give solo recitals, perform in chamber or symphonic music concerts, pesent choire, folk, jazz and contemporary music programmes, as well as participate in operas, theatrical plays, contemporary dance performances, film productions and screenings.

Internationalization at the Academy is recognized as an important tool for constant improvement, and it is a natural part of studies (both teaching and learning activities), artistic and research activities. LMTA students are encouraged to build their international profiles and personal networks worldwide and to develop intercultural skills by taking one semester or at least two months studying or training abroad as interns. A wide range of opportunities such as Erasmus+ programme and Nordplus students exchange programmes are available for everyone, scholarships are offered.

Founded in 1933, LMTA currently trains about 900 students in 40 art disciplines and is located in the capital city of Vilnius, which is designated by UNESCO as a historical World Heritage site.