KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences

KAUNO KOLEGIJA / University of Applied Sciences is one of the major state professional higher education institutions in Lithuania. The institution offers over 50 study programmes in the areas of agricultural sciences, arts, business and public administration, computing, education sciences, engineering, health sciences, humanities, law, social sciences, and technological sciences.

It is one of the biggest institutions of such kind not only in Lithuania, but in the whole Baltic Region. There are over 6100 students. Success of KAUNO KOLEGIJA is based on the partnership among students, teachers and employers. Close cooperation with employers has a positive influence on student employment.

International cooperation ensures active implementation of provisions of Bologna Process in academic and other activities. It aims for improving the quality of studies, applied research and ensures the compliance of graduates’ skills with continuously changing needs of international labour market.

The main goal of KAUNO KOLEGIJA is high quality studies and attention to student needs while striving to become a leading institution with a successful impact on socio-economical changes in the region and the country.


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: https://www.kaunokolegija.lt/en/admission/.