To fund their studies students may apply for scholarships.

Students of all fields, lecturers and researchers of foreign countries are eligible to apply for Lithuanian state scholarships. Citizens of the European Union can apply for the state funded place at the university of their choice and study in Lithuania for free.

Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme
Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme is designed for the advanced students, lecturers or researchers of foreign higher education and research institutions to enable them to study at higher education institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

Financial provisions depend on the home country of an applicant. In most cases scholarships cover both – tuition fee and living expenses.

Types of scholarships offered:

Not eligible for Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme?
If for one way or another you are not eligible for Lithuanian state scholarships programme – do not worry!

Most Lithuanian universities offer scholarships from their own funds to students who satisfy the specified requirements. Interested students should apply to the specific university of their choice to find out if funding is available for their studies.

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