Social Work Management

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Kolping University of Applied Sciences
30 Apr Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
2550€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Objective of the Social Work Management study program is to prepare qualified social work professionals with necessary knowledge, general and professional skills for the professional activities, who are able to provide social assistance to the individual, family, and (or) group of clients to achieve their optimal social functioning in the changing society, with underlying Christian morality in their activities, able to perform the practice-oriented empirical research, constantly evolving.

Over the 3 years of full-time studies or 4 years of extended studies, social work professionals are prepared, who are capable of not only organizing and delivering specific social services for different customer groups, but also to manage social service organizations. We prepare professionals with knowledge of the development of social services, management of social service agencies, programs and projects. Our aim is that our graduates were able to operate effectively occupying leading positions in the social service agencies.

Graduates of the Social Work Management study program are qualified professionals, ready to operate in the practical field of social work, which is carried out in various establishments and communities providing social services, seeking empowerment for an individual or groups. Students of the Social Work Management study program are prepared to provide social services, to manage social service agencies and to work in the areas of social security, education, health, law enforcement, etc., where there are social worker positions, in the public, non-governmental and private sectors.


Study area: Social sciences

Extent of the program in credits: 180

Granted degree / professional qualification: Professional Bachelor in Social Sciences

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