Social Work

Master‘s studies @ Vilnius University
1 Jul Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
1.5 years Study duration full-time
4730€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

This study programme is designed to train high-quality social work specialists. During the studies, you will delve into:

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of social work focussing on individuals with disabilities and older people in the context of ensuring their well-being and their quality of life.
  • Students are introduced to modern social theories, psychology of disability and sociology, social justice, well-being policy and other essential subjects in this sphere.
  • This is a joint study programme with Open University, Ukraine.

Why this programme?

  • Versatile study process. Special capabilities are developed through a combination of problem-based teaching, critical thinking, case analysis and cooperative studies.
  • Programme focused on building a meaningful career. You will learn how to act in any type of situation in terms of different social environments and also how to provide aid to people who are disabled or in any other type of distress.
  • Individual attention for students. Periodic consultations between the supervisor and individual to review objectives for research will enable you to point the study process in the desired direction.

What’s after?

  • Social worker. You will be qualified to take up this in-demand position within various organisations. You could further develop your competencies by entering a PhD programme.
  • Work in NGOs. Modern knowledge will enable you to take part in the activities of non-governmental organisations, contribute to social movements, and participate in decisions to solve social issues.
  • Work in the public sector. You will be able to pursue a career in state, municipal or regional sub-divisions and provide professional social services as well as contribute to the improvement of the social situation in the country.


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