Production Engineering

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences
All year Application date
3 years Study duration full-time
3000€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Modern companies constantly need specialists capable to work and maintain modern production equipment.

The specialists graduating from the Production Engineering study programme implemented by Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences will be in demand in the labour market because they will be able to use modern software design packages CAD / CAM / CAE, as well as will be able to install and maintain CNC machines, mechatronic systems, laser devices, and perform digital production supervision engineering and consulting work in manufacturing companies that require integrated knowledge. Students will acquire integrated and prospective knowledge of mechanics, electronics and informatics in the labour market, therefore they will have engineering versatility, which gives them a competitive advantage.

The programme is best suited for those who are distinguished by engineering thinking and desire to learn independently and apply knowledge to concrete problems.

The study programme aims to train the production engineering specialist:

  • having integral knowledge of mechanics, electronics and information technology as well as the organization of the production;
  • capable to understand technological processes, manage and monitor technological equipment;
  • capable to design and improve mechanical and mechatronic systems;
  • independently adopt and implement decisions, work innovatively in competitive conditions;
  • improve in professional activities.

Professional Bachelor of Engineering Sciences




180 credits (ECTS)


Full-time – 3000 EUR

Part-time – 2250 EUR


Graduates of the Production Engineering study programme will be able to work in manufacturing companies as technologists-programmers capable to develop CNC device management programmes and apply them in practice; masters, production managers capable of organizing the production process; digital mechanics engineers, understanding the importance of modernizing production processes, capable to select, assemble and adjust new equipment; consultants in the field of digitization of production processes. The lack of these specialists is mostly felt in the innovative manufacturing sector, which has the greatest potential for development and which is inevitability based on advanced mechatronics technologies.












More information can be found here.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The citizens of foreign countries – non-European Union member countries or other European Economic Area countries – are admitted to the Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences under the procedure laid down in the Admission Rules here.

Persons are admitted with secondary education. There are no entrance exams.

Further admission information can be found here.

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