Painting (Kaunas)

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vilnius Academy of Arts
15 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
0€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Profile of the programme

The BA study programme of Painting ensures sufficient quality and quantity of speciality and interuniversity humanitarian knowledge, enables students to orient themselves in the field of contemporary art and culture, gives them subject skills to use modern means of technology and communication, encourages attitudes of experimental search and critical thinking. BA graduates are able to apply knowledge of art history, philosophy, culture in personal practice. Graduates gain knowledge and practice necessary for understanding specific basics of branches of painting and art area, interrelation between art processes, fundamental historical features of cultural development. The BA study programme develops the basics of competent and independent evaluation of painting art processes, fosters the ability to be aware of the field of art criticism, gives subject and humanitarian skills to present personal creation in public space, communicate with massmedia and society. It teaches to reasonably express one’s evaluative stance, ground one’s opinion.


The BA study programme of Painting meets ever-changing professional and social needs. Links with interest groups of immediate environment are maintained. Directors of museums and galleries, curators of exhibitions and projects, managers of salons and galleries, representatives of business and manufacturing are consultants and counselors of the programme. Active social partners are included into programme committees. Close collaboration ensures links among needs of students, academic community and art market. The programme encourages search for new, modern decisions, understanding issues of education in international context.

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