Music Performance (in Vilnius and Klaipėda)

Master‘s studies @ Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
15 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
2 years Study duration full-time
8960€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The aim of Music Performance to train mature music performer who has formed his/her artistic individuality is familiar with the development of musical culture, the traditions of the practical aspect of the chosen specialisation, the means of musical expression and the possibilities of interpretation, and is capable of conducting artistic research, creating original works and influencing the development of art, culture and artistic education in the country and abroad with the expressed high-level artistic, creative ideas and insights.

Master’s student, combining the experience of art practice with art research, improve his/her individual competencies of a music performer acquired in bachelor’s studies, develops independent concert activities, develops intelligence and expand erudition, develops the ability to work and learn independently, and improve constructive and reasoned business communication and leadership skills.

The student is encouraged to gain international experience by choosing part-time studies abroad under the exchange programmes, or to improve his/her subject-related competencies in an informal way (by participating in master classes, concert activities, competitions). Independent concert activity, as well as cooperation with artists from other fields in interdisciplinary art projects and international activities, are encouraged.

Graduates are able to work as music performers in art groups, independently initiate and develop creative activities, conduct art research, engage in educational and expert activities, lead music groups, and work as pedagogues in higher education institutions, children’s art schools and conservatories

Specialisations in Vilnius – Accordion, Baroque Opera, Choral Conducting, Vocal Performance, Jazz, Wind Orchestra Conducting, Symphony Orchestra Conducting, ECMAster, Piano, Chamber Ensemble, Chamber Vocal Performance, Harpsichord, Piano Accompaniment, Folk Instruments, String Instruments, Wind and Percussion Instruments, Contemporary Music, Organ.

Specialisations in Klaipėda – Choir Conducting, Vocal Performance, Jazz and Popular Music, Folk Instruments, Orchestral Music, String Instruments (Guitar).

Programme structure

Subjects of the study field, other subjects (determined by the academy and/or subjects chosen by the student), final works (master’s degree art project (s) and research paper).

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