Marine Transport Engineering

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Klaipeda University
30 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
3524€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Location: Lithuania, Klaipeda
Type: Bachelor, full-time
Nominal duration: 4 years (240 ECTS)
Study language: English / Russian
Specialisations: Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding; Marine Energy Engineering; Liquefied Natural Gas Engineering and Management
Awards: BSc (Bachelor of Engineering Sciences)
Tuition fee: €3524
Application fee: The Application fee for degree study programmes is for citizens of the EU member states or countries of the European Economic Area (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan), as well as those who have a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania: €65. For other students: €160. (Application fee is non refundable).
Application deadline: June 30
Online application: https://apply.ku.lt/
Studies commence: September 1
*During their studies, students must select a specialisation. The specialisation is implemented if a group consists of at least 8 students.

About the programme:

The study programme is also unique in the possibility to choose from three offered specialisations: Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding, Smart Maritime Transport Engineering, and Engineering and Management of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals.

Specialisation Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding

Probably each of us has been watching cruise or container ships in amazement … Wouldn’t you like to design such a ship and become a representative of the specialty in great demand both in Lithuania and abroad? Then choose the specialisation Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding, and upon completion of studies you will be able to develop novel ship concepts as well as to design, build, and modernise ships and apply production automation and robotisation solutions in shipbuilding and repair and in metal construction companies.

Specialisation Liquefied Natural Gas Engineering and Management

A completely new, promising specialisation of the study programme, which is not implemented in any other Baltic country, opens and ensures broad future prospects for its graduates. The field of LNG keeps pace with both science and advanced technologies. Will you join? You will become LNG specialists in demand not only in Klaipėda, but also around the world. It is because of you that science and business have joined forces! Upon completing studies, you will be able to find a job both in LNG terminals and in LNG facilities and systems as well as in vehicle design, manufacturing & repair, and maintenance companies or in the renewable energy sector.

Worth to choose:

This is a unique study programme, on completion of which you will gain knowledge of both maritime transport engineering and of information technology. In today’s world of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, IT knowledge is critical to implementing and adapting innovations in transportation, production, and other human activities. The studies will help you keep pace with the latest technologies and innovations.

In Klaipėda State Seaport, the turnover of cargo transportation has been constantly increasing, its geography has been expanding, the port infrastructure has been improved, and the shipbuilding and repair companies have been increasing their capacities, therefore the need for specialists has been growing. You can expect great career opportunities both in Lithuania and abroad!

During your studies, you will also be able to take full advantage of the ERASMUS + program and expand your theoretical and practical knowledge through studies and internships at a chosen foreign university or company.

Career opportunities:

The study programme opens up a wide range of employment and career opportunities for graduates in shipping technical departments, ship design and shipbuilding and repair companies, research institutions, and public and private companies of other types of transport and industries where modern automated technology management systems are implemented and developed. Graduates of the study programme work as engineers, specialists, project managers, and heads of technical departments; quite a few of them hold the positions of technical managers of companies and strive for high results in scientific and academic activities.

Potential employers: AB Klaipėda Oil, UAB Western Baltic Shipyard, AB Western Shipyard, UAB Western Ship Repair, UAB Western Constructions, UAB Western Baltic Engineering, UAB Western Pipeline Systems, UAB Baltic Premator Klaipėda, UAB Western Metalgama, Wärtsilä BLRT Estonia OU, UAB Aros Marine, UAB Ankoris, Garant group of companies, UAB Modeca, UAB Marine Bell LLC, UAB PTEC, UAB Globetransa, UAB Afalita Shipping, UAB Adoris, UAB Adrijus, UAB Aros Marine, UAB Vakarai, SE Inland Waterways Directorate, KU Marine Research Institute, etc.


Feedback on the programme:

The studies and the practice gained during studies formed and prepared me for the labour market. In my opinion, engineering education in the labour market is an advantage and a necessity. Given that Klaipėda is a port city, it is very important to have the basics related to ships or port transport logistics. The acquired knowledge and work practice enable us to move confidently and enter the international labour market, which opens up new opportunities and great prospects for the future.

Saulius Glebauskas, UAB Jonglė Director


Klaipėda University gave me a chance to get to know myself, to understand what I want to achieve in life. During these years, I learned a lot; I worked under teachers who knew their subjects well and shared both theoretical and practical knowledge with us. While studying in the Engineering and Management of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals study programme, we felt a lot of attention and support from faculty, the head of the programme, University administration, and business representatives, which motivated us a lot, because the study programme was completely new and we were the first students to choose it.

While studying at the University, I also had the opportunity to contribute to research – I worked at the Waterborne Transport and Air Pollution Laboratory of the Marine Research Institute. I was responsible for the air pollution measurement equipment and its operation.

Modestas Venckus, Drafsman, UAB Western Baltic Engineering


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