MA in International Management

Master‘s studies @ LCC International University
All year Application date
2 years Study duration full-time
3750€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Our MA International Management program is designed for ambitious individuals desiring to  develop and strengthen their management and leadership skills in a unique way to recognize and implement values-based, innovative processes that emphasizes social responsibility and impact to enhance the organisational value, and grow the business in the public and private sectors.


  • prepares qualified, adaptable, and innovative managers with a deep knowledge of modern management theories and methods for immediate application in organizational settings at the local, state, national, and international levels in both private and public environments that focuses on innovation for social impact;
  • combines theoretical foundations with practical, contextualized scenarios to help deepen comprehension of complex leadership and management situations in a real-world setting. The program is designed to meet the 21st century needs by addressing organizational needs and challenges at various levels from the local to the global stage, to include innovation for social impact, global engagement, ethical business practices, strategic human resources, data driven decision making, intercultural perspective and sustainability;
  • creates conditions for innovative and independent research that impacts communities and organizations globally. With faculty and mentors from the United States, the program focuses on the most relevant knowledge in international management based on fundamental and applied scientific research in many aspects of business;
  • develops ethical and responsible business leaders who emphasize the importance of moral standards, ethical and socially responsible application of business principles and decision-making processes as it pertains to the conduct of business and strategic management of human resources; the North American liberal arts faculty and approach to learning creates an environment of self-learning and evaluation that fosters continuous personal and professional development.

Programme structure

Term I | August to November. Residency session at LCC

Global Marketing & Business Cultures

Organizational Design & Change

Leadership and Ethics in Business Strategy


Term II | January to April. Residency session at LCC

Financial Literacy for Managers

Management Theory & Strategy

Strategic Human Resource Management


Term III | April to July. No sessions on campus

Business Creativity & Innovation

Course Elective 1


Term IV | August to November. No sessions on campus

Business Research Methods and Metrics

Data Driven Decision Making

Course Elective 2


Term V | January to April. No sessions on campus

Thesis I


Term VI | April to August.

Thesis II  – Thesis Defense in August at LCC



The unique North American liberal arts education prepares LCC MAIM degree students upon graduation to:

  • Fulfill strategic leadership and management positions that emphasizes the responsible innovation for social impact
  • Effectively manage human capital at the mid- and strategic levels within an organization for positive outcomes
  • Critically evaluate short- and long-term goals, and apply the analytical skills for data driven decisions to sustain operations
  • Approach business in the private and public sectors to create sustainable operations that benefit the world we live in
  • Apply theoretical concepts through an ethical lens of perspective to promote a better future
  • Understand business and leadership in a holistic, global perspective that embraces diversity and principled action

Admission Requirements

To apply you need:
  • To fill in an online application form.
  • Bachelor’s degree – official transcripts and copy of diploma from an accredited university.
  • Subject knowledge -work experience or undergraduate courses in one of the following areas: Economics, Statistics, Calculus, Management, or Marketing.
  • Two letters of recommendation – recommendations must come from people familiar with the applicant’s character, academic and professional background. Preferably, at least one of the recommendations should come from a university the applicant graduated from.
  • English language certificate – please see details in the chart on the right.
  • Motivational letter – statement of purpose indicating why this program is appropriate for your academic interests and professional goals.
TOEFL® iBT 100


If you don’t have the above-mentioned certificates, we can also consider CPE, CAE and PTE.

You don’t need a certificate if:
  • You are an LCC alumni;
  • You are a citizen of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand;
  • You attended a university for at least two years in any of the above-mentioned countries.

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