Evangelical Theology

Bachelor's studies (university) @ LCC International University
30 Jan Application deadline
31 Aug Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
3075€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Why does human suffering occur? Is God relevant in today’s world? How shall I read Scripture and understand it? How ought I understand and live out the concept of divine mission? These are among many important questions, which are at the heart of our worldview and, thus, have an impact on our individual lives and the communities in which we live. The Theology department of LCC invites you to explore many questions, which we are either too afraid to ask or too busy to answer. In theology, we pause to think, interact, and attempt to understand the larger picture before we move into careers so that we might make a holistic, life-affirming, and God-honoring difference in this world.


The Theology department provides instruction in the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, and in Christian history, thought, and practice with the purpose of commending Christ as Lord and Savior and so contributing to the formation of Christian character, worldview, and service.

Providing a Career Path

We exist to equip all LCC graduates with cognitive and practical tools to have an impact on their careers, volunteer efforts, and family development. As a holistic discipline, theology moves students with passion and energizes them for best practices in each area of life because God is rightfully the Lord of all. If your career goals involve advanced theological study and a career in Christian ministry or mission, then the major in Evangelical Theology at LCC is an excellent choice.
Also, students are excited by the new opportunity of a Theology double major with English or International Business Administration, because they realize theology influences career paths positively and challenges them to think creatively as future Christian leaders in the workplace. The double major expands a graduate’s opportunities even further to work in a variety of Christian businesses, mission agencies, social agencies, schools, and the not-for-profit sector.


In 2015 the program was positively evaluated by the team of international group of experts. Based on the external evaluation results in 2016 the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), an independent public agency re-accredited the program for 6 years.


The program in Evangelical Theology, and double degree with English or International Business, provides graduates with a broad conceptual framework for Christian thought and practice. Both degrees represent serious academic study of the various theological disciplines from the standpoint of the historic Christian faith.
The curriculum focuses on three broad areas, which provide a synthesis of critical understanding and practice. The first is textual, in that it is directed toward the development of skills in the interpretation of primary biblical texts. The second area is devoted to contextual study. By means of the study of philosophy, history and culture, as well as systematic theology, students learn to see the texts in relation to the larger world. The third area is the practical application of insights gained through the study of text and context.
The Theology program consists of 165 ECTS credits (135 required and 30 elective credits). For the Theology major and Theology Double-Degree course lists, please see the most recent LCC catalogue.