Electronic Engineering

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences
20 Aug Application deadline
2 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
3640€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Electronics is one of the fastest-growing engineering areas. Almost every step in our lives is accompanied by one or another electronic product, which facilitates human life and ensures greater comfort and security. Electronic systems are widely deployed in many household and industrial facilities. It is used in manufacturing and process management, telecommunications, energy networks, terrestrial, air and water transport, medical equipment, military industry, etc.

Future electronic engineers study physics, computer-aided design, electrical materials and electronic components, microprocessors, automation of buildings, audio and video systems, security and fire protection systems, robotics, etc. The knowledge gained is consolidated and improved during practical training and internships, which last 20 weeks altogether and are conducted in four stages:

  1. Electronics and Electrical Assembly training- performed at KTK;
  2. Professional training- performed at KTK;
  3. Technological internship- performed at the partner enterprises in the field of electronics;
  4. Final internship- performed at the partner enterprises in the field of electronics.

Students of this programme can specialise in: Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Equipment; Maintenance of Building Automation Systems, and Automated Systems and Robotics.


  • analyse, select, install, adjust and design electronic devices and systems;
  • program computer hardware and basic digital interfaces;
  • select and assemble components for electronic products;
  • program microprocessors, smart home systems, robotic production lines.


  • Electronics Engineer
  • Head of Department
  • Electronic Systems Coordinator
  • Electronic Circuits and Systems Designer
  • Intelligent Control Systems Specialist

Programme structure

Detailed description of the programme including subjects and learning outcomes here

Admission Requirements

See our admissions procedure and the list of documents to provide here

Autumn Intake Deadline


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