Bachelor's studies (college) @ SMK College of Applied Sciences
10 Aug Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
2580€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Did you know that Design is one of the most versatile activities and an industry with great potential? Design studies at SMK combine design and management competencies. Here you will study the needs of customers, create products for them and learn to turn these products into reality.

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Programme structure

After studies you will be able to:

  • be able to generate product design ideas and conceptions
    individually and in a team, predict implementation methods,
    visual resolution and technological means and provide clients with professional solutions to design problems, foreseeing further possibilities for the development of ideas;
  • by analyzing the relationships between the designed object and the environment, you will be
    able to sketch product design objects, purposefully apply artistic means of expression, newly
    emerging media and innovative technologies, rely on modern design practices and trends to
    reveal the results of professional activities in creative industries and visual culture;
  • with the help of personal creative practice, you will be able to design product design objects
    and their systems, use advanced creative and technological tools to review design
    innovations at the national and international levels and predict effective ways of presenting
    marketing and communication tools.

You will study:

  • Design Basics
  • Computer Graphics and Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Design and Technology
  • Materials Research and Production Processes
  • Product Design Project
  • Eco Design/Environmental protection

Career opportunities & areas:

  • You will be able to work in various companies requiring design: food and beverage industry, technology companies, cosmetics industry companies, textile industry companies, medicine and beauty industry, furniture industry companies, design companies or agencies;
  • Or become a design freelancer in Lithuanian and foreign creative and art incubators, creators’ associations.

You can find all admission steps and instructions here.

Admission Requirements

We welcome applications from students from all around the world and from a wide variety of educational systems. We do not take into consideration an applicant’s race, religion, national origin, sex, or country of citizenship in determining admission to the study programmes of SMK College of Applied Sciences.



Fall semester admission starts on December 2. The semester commences on September 1.


July 1 – For Applicants from non-EU/EFTA Countries

August 10For Applicants from EU Countries

Spring semester admission starts on September 2. The semester commences on February 1.


December 1 – For Applicants from non-EU/EFTA Countries

January 10For Applicants from EU Countries

Early submission is recommended for those requiring visas

* We strongly advise that those applicants who require visas to enter Lithuania should apply earlier since in some cases obtaining a visa might take up to 3 months.

If you wish to be admitted to SMK undergraduate programmes, you must have successfully completed 12 years (in some cases 11) of formal education (secondary education). Also, you should have sufficient knowledge of English (Upper-intermediate and higher) and be very motivated to study here.

SMK offers assistance through the process

Considering the fact that applying to university could be very stressful and confusing, the SMK International Office will be always available to help you, guide you, and assist you in submitting the required paperwork. In order to make this process faster and easier for you, all documents could be submitted via e-mail, and in case we find it necessary we will request originals.

We will be pleased to provide you with all necessary application materials as well as with any course or programme you may require. Please note, that students are coming from all over the world from different educational systems with different educational backgrounds therefore in some cases SMK admissions committee might request some additional documents in order to evaluate applications.




SMK College of Applied Sciences (SMK) is appointed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Lithuania for recognition of foreign qualifications for the purposes of further studies at SMK. The evaluation of qualifications is a part of the admission procedure, and all students have to undergo this process. More information on Academic recognition of foreign qualifications can be found HERE.

Submit your application to the online application system:


By submitting the application, you confirm that the documents you are submitting are correct, truthful and complete and that SMK can verify the authenticity and accuracy of the documents you provided. SMK might contact the document issuing authority and/or national ENIC/NARIC centre for more information about your qualification. All documents issued in languages other than English, Russian, or Lithuanian should be supplemented with an official translation. Documents issued in English, Russian, or Lithuanian do not require a translation.

Before you apply make sure that your qualification:

  • Is a higher education qualification or a qualification giving access to higher education;
  • Belongs to the formal education system of the country of its origin (for example, it was issued by a recognised and/or competent institution).

List of required documents

General documents Country-specific requirements:

  1. Diploma certifying a foreign qualification. If the final diploma is yet to be issued, please include a provisional certification, which confirms the fact of your graduation and provides the title of your qualification in the original language
  2. Academic transcript or other equivalent documents (records of grades, or a similar document has to be in the original language. It should list all the subjects, grades, and credits and/or hours. In some countries, it is required for the academic transcript to be sent directly to our office from the educational institution. Logins from the electronic examination systems can be submitted in the initial stage if the appendix (appendices) to the document certifying a foreign qualification is not issued at the time of document submission).
  3. Valid proof of name change: If your name on the credential differs from the name on your passport, a valid proof of name change has to be submitted. A valid proof of name change is a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or another form of proof issued by a competent official body.
  4. Other documents (if any) required for the objective assessment of qualification, certifying another education acquired by the applicant, explaining the acquired qualifications or the submitted documents of education.

Country-specific requirements:

As requirements for submission of documents may vary by country, for full information, please refer to Country Specific Requirements and accordingly upload relevant documents to the online application system. 

Below is the list of documents that you will need to submit together with your application:

  1. A receipt of the paid non-refundable application fee* (150 Euro for foreign nationals, and 50 Euro for the citizens of EU and the EEA countries).

*It only needs to be paid once if you decide to apply for a second degree;

Exemption for those enrolled in the English Foundation Programme and willing to continue their studies at SMK: no application fee to be paid again to be admitted to Bachelor Study Programmes.

  1. A Copy of a valid Passport (valid for at least two years)
  2. Entry qualification documents (e.g. a copy of original High school/secondary education diploma, or/and a copy of School Leaving Certificate or a College Diploma); 

Note: translation of the documents to the English/Lithuanian/Russian languages. Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need an official translation(s). Each program has separate subjects which need to be passed. The needed subjects are listed in the requirements on https://apply.smk.lt/. The overall percentage of Secondary School Diploma must be not lower than 50%.

  1. Your qualification will be evaluated according to the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE). Therefore, you will be required to give consent for your documents to go through the official recognition process during the application procedure.
  2. A Copy of the International English Language Test Certificate confirming the applicant’s knowledge of English at a Higher Intermediate level or its equivalent (5,5 and higher); Accepted proof of proficiency: FCE, IELTS 5+, TOEFL 59+ or LanguageCert IESOL B1+: www.languagecert.org/

If an applicant doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned certificates, there is a possibility to go through the SMK internal test online. The price for an English test is 50 Eur, where the applicant’s speaking skills are tested and evaluated. Please, contact admission@smk.lt if you are willing to pass an internal test.

The exemption applies to those applying for English Foundation Programme.

Exemption for those, who have finished English Foundation Programme at SMK:
If later applying for a Bachelor’s degree, you only need to provide your English Foundation Programme certificate.

Once you submit your application, and your application is accepted, you will need to pass:

1. The entrance examination for these study programmes ONLY:

– Video Production and Media
The entrance examination for entrants to this study programme consists of:
– Assessment of a portfolio presented by the applicant;
– Assessment of factors of selecting the area of professional activity.

2. Motivation Interview: 

After the applicant has paid the application fee and submitted the application, we invite him for a motivational interview. The interview is done online using the Google Meet platform, and the basic goal is to evaluate the reasoning and motivation of a future student. After an interview, the decision of admission is given in a couple of days.

If you have any specific questions in regard to the application procedure please contact the SMK International Office at admission@smk.lt, or directly consult with the International Study Managers:


Dariana Kizim

International Studies Manager

Email: dariana.kizim@smk.lt

Phone: +370 601 74901


Jurga Matulevičienė

International Studies Manager 

Email: jurga.matuleviciene@smk.lt

Phone: +370 685 54597

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