Tourism Industries

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vytautas Magnus University
8 Dec Application deadline
1 Feb Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
1669€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

The outcomes of study programme

Graduates will have sufficient knowledge base in the field of culture and tourism management, will be able to know principles and methods of cultural and tourism and regional policy and tourism industry infrastructure development, strategy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, human resources, bioeconomy and tourism logistics development processes. Will be able to apply management, economics, sociology, statistics, social research methods in organizing and performing tourism market and other research, to choose appropriate methods and tools to assess tourism potential, analyse resources and develop innovative products and services that complement the cultural and tourism market. Graduate will be able to combine knowledge of social sciences and humanities, to apply software and project work methods, integrated marketing communications demonstrating high professionalism and innovation and entrepreneurship in solving specialized professional problems. To be able to analyse changes in cultural and tourism policy, strategic documents of tourism development and tourism business, to be able to recognize the potential of available resources and to find and create innovative bio-products and businesses.

Where can you do an internship?

Three internships are required for this degree program. One professional internship is carried out in culture and tourism organisations inside or outside the country, second professional internship will be organized with tourism industry leaders, mentors, and the third one at university level – practice of entrepreneurship education. Students acquire practical skills while evaluating activities and processes, resources of culture and tourism infrastructure in regions and companies, planning and preparing the development projects for improvement of culture and tourism infrastructure.

Career opportunities

Graduates of Bachelor studies in management who will have completed the study programme of culture and tourism management will be able to perform successfully at culture and tourism organisations, as service providers and tour organisers, at various levels of management of tourism infrastructure (local, regional, national and international), various culture, tourism and sports departments of state and municipal bodies, urban business and tourism information centres of cities and regions councils of protected territories of Lithuania and other Baltic regions national and regional parks in development of cultural and recreational tourism. The graduates will be able to operate as self-employed professionals, work at business enterprises organising tourism activities or developing infrastructural conditions for functioning of cultural or tourism processes.

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