March 30, 2022

Human Resources Management

The HRM programme is designed for graduates of management, economics, organizational psychology, and other social sciences seeking a career in human resource management or changing their specialization profile. It prepares specialists who are able to assess the needs of the organization’s human resources and competencies of organizations and find appropriate ways to direct the ability of employees to promote the growth of intellectual capital of organizations and increase the added value created by the organization.

Why this programme?

  • The programme meets the needs of modern labour markets, as there is a high demand for HRM professionals who know how to organise activities in a multicultural environment and are able to work in international teams.
  • The professors have accumulated knowledge and competencies that meet the modern challenges of HRM, and the programme attracts lecturers from abroad who allow students to get acquainted with the international practices that exist in the organisations of other countries.
  • An international study atmosphere is created by students who typically come from different countries worldwide.
  • The in-person classes at the university are combined with distance learning.
  • Successful graduates have the opportunity to take part in postgraduate internships at foreign organisations.

What‘s after?

  • Graduates of the study programme work as heads of organisations or departments.
  • They may be HR (human resources) directors, personnel managers or specialists.
  • They may become human resource development (HRD) project managers.
  • Some of our graduates become HR analysts in international and national consulting companies. Vilnius University has created opportunities for students interested in continuing their education to enter the doctoral studies programmes, which are available in the English language. In addition, the best of our graduates might be offered employment at the university.
March 30, 2022

Business Process Management

A vibrant and dynamic business environment requires professionals ready for the contemporary challenges of market globalization. A holistic approach is essential for specialists who need to combine various dimensions and concepts of the research and analysis, methods and models for data-driven evaluation of business processes. At the same time, these experts need a sharp eye for various projects development focused on innovative products and the growth of business value.

A distinctive feature of the study programme is the consideration of the cultural contexts of global business processes. To prepare universal specialist study programme content is directed to gain customers and staff management qualifications in a multicultural business environment. Besides processes operation, these specialists develop competence to follow global tendencies of sustainable development in the context of the environmental impact of the business.

Significant demand for professionals in this area and acquired knowledge opens possibilities to find a job in business companies and public sector organizations worldwide. During your studies, you will get an opportunity to spend a semester in the best universities abroad. After successful graduation, you will get a chance to go for a 6-months international internship in a company.

August 11, 2020

Aviation Management Online

In response to global trends and challenges facing the aviation industry, Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU) offers an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) distance learning Aviation Management online study programme. Our aim is to cultivate highly-qualified professionals in modern aviation management, equipped to navigate the challenges and regulations of this global and competitive sector, and to actively contribute to its ongoing development.

Admission deadlines

June 1 — general admission;
July 1 — deadline for citizens of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia;
August 1 — deadline for EU and EEA states’ citizens, and visa-free Eastern Partnership countries’ citizens (Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia).

Programme Highlights

  • KSU is the sole university in Lithuania offering this specialized study program.
  • Accredited as an IATA Authorized Training Center, KSU is the only university in the Baltic States to earn this recognition, signifying the global aviation community’s acknowledgment of our top-tier aviation studies.
  • Integrated additional language courses in Spanish or Russian to enhance students’ future career prospects.
  • Integration of two IATA courses, enabling students to obtain recognized certificates from IATA.
  • Regular company visits and field trips to airports in Lithuania, Latvia, and international airlines.
  • An internationally diverse faculty, with over 80% of instructors being leading aviation experts from around the world.
  • Online studies facilitate the balancing of work and academic commitments.

Study methods

  • The program is conducted entirely in English
  • Online lectures via video conference platforms such as Zoom and Teams.
  • Individual meetings with instructors, one-on-one teaching, and both individual and group assignments.
  • Live lectures, case studies, and other interactive learning activities.
  • Face-to-face modules and exam sessions held once a semester on-campus in Vilnius, Lithuania, spanning two weeks.

Ideal For

  • Pilots, flight attendants
  • Those already engaged in the aviation sector who frequently travel
  • Recent graduates or individuals currently employed in other sectors but aspire to build their careers within the aviation industry.

Study subjects

  • Core Courses: Introduction to Air Transport Industry, Airport and Airlines Business, Aviation Economics and Finance, Aviation Project
  • Methodology: Social Sciences Methodology, Geopolitics and International Aviation Law
  • Strategic Planning: Aviation Strategic Planning, Operations and Design
  • Management: Leadership & HR Management, Airlines and Airports Optimization, Environmental Planning, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Specialized Courses: Master’s Thesis, Strategic Marketing, Maintenance Operations, Market Analysis, Digital Transformation, Digital Airline Management

Career Opportunities

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Ground handling companies
  • Aircraft maintenance organizations
  • Tourism companies

Advance your career in Aviation management with Kazimieras Simonavicius University—where innovation meets excellence.