April 2, 2021

Публичная политика

Цель магистерской программы «Публичная политика» – подготовка специалистов в области государственного управления, менеджмента в сфере гражданского общества, а также для профессиональной деятельности в международных и региональных общественных организациях.

Магистерская программа «Публичная политика» была разработана совместно с факультетом публичного администрирования Лейденского университета (Нидерланды), который является одним из ведущих европейских центров по подготовке профессионалов в области публичной политики и администрирования; и Нидерландским институтом государственного управления ROI, предлагающим инновационные программы обучения по месту работы для государственных служащих.

Выпускники программы получают качественные навыки:

  • понимания специфики публичной политики, актуальных практик государственного управления и систем государственной службы
  • анализа, разработки и реализации публичной политики, общественных программ и проектов
  • процедур и эффективных практик принятия политических решений
  • диагностики и анализа социально-экономических проблем развития общества
  • использования современного инструментария политического анализа и технологий политического менеджмента
  • организации общественного диалога, знания видов участия общественных организаций и граждан в формировании публичной политики, включая партнерство государственного и частного сектора

Карьерные возможности

  • аналитики национальных и международных исследовательских центров
  • профессионалы в области государственного управления
  • сотрудники и менеджеры международных организаций
  • политические аналитики и консультанты
  • менеджеры проектов и PR-менеджеры
  • политические обозреватели, журналисты
  • сотрудники неправительственных организаций и политических партий
  • продолжение обучения в докторантуре университетов Европы и США.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский

March 31, 2021

MA in International Management

Our MA International Management program is designed for ambitious individuals desiring to  develop and strengthen their management and leadership skills in a unique way to recognize and implement values-based, innovative processes that emphasizes social responsibility and impact to enhance the organisational value, and grow the business in the public and private sectors.


  • prepares qualified, adaptable, and innovative managers with a deep knowledge of modern management theories and methods for immediate application in organizational settings at the local, state, national, and international levels in both private and public environments that focuses on innovation for social impact;
  • combines theoretical foundations with practical, contextualized scenarios to help deepen comprehension of complex leadership and management situations in a real-world setting. The program is designed to meet the 21st century needs by addressing organizational needs and challenges at various levels from the local to the global stage, to include innovation for social impact, global engagement, ethical business practices, strategic human resources, data driven decision making, intercultural perspective and sustainability;
  • creates conditions for innovative and independent research that impacts communities and organizations globally. With faculty and mentors from the United States, the program focuses on the most relevant knowledge in international management based on fundamental and applied scientific research in many aspects of business;
  • develops ethical and responsible business leaders who emphasize the importance of moral standards, ethical and socially responsible application of business principles and decision-making processes as it pertains to the conduct of business and strategic management of human resources; the North American liberal arts faculty and approach to learning creates an environment of self-learning and evaluation that fosters continuous personal and professional development.
March 31, 2021

MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Our MA TESOL program prepares you to teach English anywhere in the world, work in a public or private school or language program, expand your teaching potential, seek to be an administrator of language programs or a test administrator.

We offer:

  • An advanced degree for teaching and administrative positions
  • An affordable tuition rate; tuition costs are significantly less than other MA programs
  • TESOL professors who are experts in their field and care about students
  • A practicum in Lithuania at LCC’s dynamic Summer Language Institute
  • A blended learning course design that can be completed in 2 years
  • Flexible learning hours; continue your current job while studying online
  • Opportunities to consider the ethical aspects of teaching and learning
March 23, 2021

Dance (in Vilnius)

It is a unique study programme in Lithuania, which prepares professional creators of contemporary and classical dance art, who are able to work in various contexts of dance aesthetics.

This study programme differs from analogous study programmes of Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions in that it is supplemented with subjects of theatrical mastery and performativity – Basics of Acting, Stage Language, Coordination of Voice and Movement, Study of Creating a Play, Development of Performing Art Forms.


Aim of the Dance study programme to train a professional and socially active contemporary or classical dance art specialist who is familiar with the context of dance art, its development patterns, is able to work professionally and creatively in the country’s artistic and cultural processes, realise one’s artistic ideas, work independently and collaborate; knows how to learn and develop as a professional, to use the available physical, emotional and cognitive qualities for artistic expression and development of the dance art field.

Graduates are able to work as dance performers in any professional dance troupe, dance theatre. They can also express themselves independently in creative, artistic professional activities by initiating and carrying out artistic dance or choreography projects.

Specializations: Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance

November 11, 2020

English Language Minor Studies

English Language Minor studies are designed for those who are willing to enter Bachelor study programme at Mykolas Romeris University but do not have sufficient English language knowledge necessary for studying in a foreign language.

During the Minor studies groups are focusing on English language grammar, speaking, writing and reading skills improvement.

More information here.

August 24, 2020

English Foundation

SMK offers English Foundation programme for students needing to advance their English language skills, SMK offers English Foundation. The duration of the programme is one or, if needed, two semesters. After completing the programme you will bring your language level to the upper intermediate level which is required to study at SMK. The programme is available every semester starting Fall and Spring and is delivered full time.

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August 13, 2020

Music Studies (in Vilnius)

Music Studies is a study programme with the aim to train a music professional possessing knowledge of and skills in music history, music theory, and music technologies, as well as creative and organisational knowledge and skills, who is able to initiate, create, implement, analyse, and assess music/art projects in a variety of professional contexts.

The study programme is characterised by opportunities for the student to shape the content of their studies by choosing the subjects or their alternatives that meet the student’s needs. Also, student internationalisation is encouraged through participation in exchange programmes and studying at host institutions

Graduates are able to work in a range of cultural and educational institutions in Lithuania and abroad; initiate and carry out national and international cultural and art projects; express themselves independently in creative, artistic, scientific research and professional activities









Specializations: Electronic Music, Composition.

August 13, 2020

Music Performance (in Vilnius and Klaipėda)

The aim of  Music Performance study programme is to train a professional musician of the chosen specialisation, able to prepare and publicly perform works of various styles and genres as solo pieces or ensembles and/or orchestras of various compositions, who knows the musical repertoire of the chosen specialisation from historical and theoretical points of view and is able to communicate and cooperate as well as to develop concert activity.

The Music Performance programme is based on historically-formed music performers’ training tradition that is recognised internationally. The universal character of artistic and professional skills acquired by graduates of the LMTA Music Performance programme is confirmed by the fact that they successfully pursue their careers not only in Lithuania but also in orchestras, music theatres and other professional organisations abroad, perform concerts worldwide and successfully work as music teachers.

Specialisations in Vilnius – Accordion, Choral Conducting, Vocal Performance, Jazz, Wind Orchestra Conducting, Symphony Orchestra Conducting, Harpsichord, Lithuanian Folk Instruments, String Instruments, Wind and Percussion Instruments, Organ.

Specialisations in Klaipėda – Choral Conducting and Organ Studies, Jazz and Popular Music, Musical, String Instruments (Guitar).


August 13, 2020

Composition (in Vilnius)

The aim of Composition study programme is to train a highly qualified composer of academic composition or digital technologies (electronic music) who knows the theory and practice of composition, the basics of artistic research, has very good skills in instrumentation, electronic and computer music creation and is able to professionally implement instrumental and /or electronic music-related creative projects, continuously improve themselves and study individually.

Graduates are able to work in the field of creative and artistic research in cultural, music education, science, concert and other institutions related to artistic activities, in the fields of culture and music industry (advertising, sound recordings, etc.) and other creative organisations, and participate in art projects and perform other work requiring the competences of a composer.

Specialization: Academic Composition, Digital Technologies.

Entry Requirements

More information

March 2, 2020

Global Business and Modern Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own, successful company? Do you consider yourself a natural team leader and wish to hone this skill? Did you ever want to learn how to use data to make decisions? Do you want to work in a business environment?  

If any of the above questions are about you, then strongly consider Global Business and Modern Marketing for your bachelor studies. This course is built to prepare future global business leaders. Our lecturers will prepare you to read, analyse and draw conclusions from business data, crucial to making sound business decisions.  

You will receive a world-class education which will allow you to work in business management of any field. This will be possible by giving you the skills to read and comprehend any data of finance, marketing, human resources and so on.  

More information about the programmes is at University’s website.