July 9, 2023

PhD in Law

Have you finished your master degree studies? Are you looking to become an expert in your field? Are there topics you wish to research in detail and find answers to? Do you want to find solutions to some of the problems faced in various fields of law? 

If any of the questions above raise your interest, then you’ve come to the right place. Doctoral degree in Law will help you achieve all of those goals. At MRU, we invite you to take your doctoral studies in social sciences and elevate your education to become a true master of law. Graduate from the university that is rated to be among 250 best universities worldwide in the field of law  

Conduct your studies in English, to solidify your status as an international expert of law

By choosing the topic of a future dissertation, you can examine a specific legal problem or explore a field of law from a philosophical perspective. Your dissertation preparation and research will be supervised by a scientific supervisor who is a specialist in his/her field.

At MRU, you will also find a comparatively low tuition fee, together with potential state and private scholarships available 

PhD studies and research are coordinated by the Doctoral Committee of Law. Contact Social Innovations Doctoral School that organizes the process of doctoral studies for more information. And if you’re all ready and eager, submit your application now!

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July 9, 2023

PhD in Management

Searching for what to study after your master degree? Want to advance the research in the field of social science and more specifically – management? Looking to become an expert in your study field, be it marketing, governance or organizational development?  

If any of the above questions came back with positive answers, consider furthering your education by attaining a doctoral degree in Management.

At MRU and even in this joint study programme, you will find a truly affordable, comparatively low tuition fee. Additionally, you may also apply for potential scholarships available, based on your research field. It’s a great investment into yourself, as after graduation, you will be able to pursue a well-paid career in the academic field, or work in public or private sectors as a high-end management specialist, consultant, start your own company or work independently on various projects.  

PhD studies and research are coordinated by the Doctoral Committee of Management Science FieldSocial Innovation Doctoral School organizes the process of doctoral studies. Go through the acceptance requirements and see if this research path is what you are looking for. And if it is, don’t hesitate and apply!

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July 9, 2023

PhD in Economics

Looking to cement your knowledge in economic or financial theory? Searching for what to study after your master degree? Thought of ways that global economy could be improved and want to research them? Want to pursue detailed macroeconomic analysis and share your findings with the scientific and business community?  

If you have strongly considered any of the above questions, perhaps you are ready to pursue your doctoral degree in Economics. If you have questions that you’re absolutely must delve into and research, you have come to the right place. MRU is implementing a joint study programme together with three other universities in order to help you become an expert in your economics field. You will conduct these studies in English, so you can contribute your research to the international body of knowledge about economics. To take full advantage of this program, you will be required to show your English level at least at C1.

Finally, you will find that MRU offers a low tuition fee and scholarship opportunities, depending on your field. Go through the acceptance requirements and see if this research path is what you are looking for. And if it is, don’t hesitate and apply!

PhD studies and research are coordinated by the Doctoral Committee of Economics. Contact Social Innovations Doctoral School that organizes the process of doctoral studies for more information.

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May 10, 2023

PhD in Education Science

Searching where to study after your master degree? Always had a passion for education and want to further it with quality research? Want to help the next generation receive the best possible education, or assist those less privileged with cutting-edge educational techniques?  

If all of the above questions have stirred something positive within you, then consider applying with your thesis topic for a doctoral degree in Education Science. If your topic will be considered a valuable asset to the international body of knowledge, you will get a chance to contribute your research into furthering the theory and practice of education.  

After graduation, you will be able to work as a researcher or teacher in higher education institutions, a policy-maker in education, an organizer and executor of educational projects and hold executive posts in educational and research institutions. It is a worthwhile investment into yourself, especially given that at MRU, the low tuition fee makes this degree in the field of social sciences ever more attractive. Not to mention potential scholarships available depending on your exact field of research.  

PhD studies and research are coordinated by Doctoral Committee of Education Science Field. Contact Social Innovations Doctoral School that organizes the process of doctoral studies for more information. Don’t hesitate and apply!

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March 23, 2022

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Length, structure 1 years (2 semesters) graduation is finalized with the defense of Final project

Detailed curricula

Entry Requirements To this programme applicants are accepted from all study fields if they have at least of 2 year experience in management field


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree programme focused on the development of the competencies required for the creation, management and development of business in strategically important industrial sectors, especially for executives and senior managers. One of the special features of the programme is that the studies last for one year. During the studies, students are provided with a unique opportunity to purposefully deepen their decision-making skills and expand their competencies in the fields of human resource management, technological entrepreneurship and innovation, financial management and business economic decision engineering. Alternatively, optional study modules will provide opportunities to deepen knowledge and develop skills focused on professional activities. The programme will be taught by specialists from Lithuania and abroad with business management practices.

Unlike other master’s programs – one of the advantages – there is no requirement to write a master’s thesis. Students who choose one of the alternative modules: human resource management, technological entrepreneurship and innovation, financial management and business economics engineering, will complete an internship in Lithuanian and foreign organizations during the final MBA programme subject, during which real business problems will be solved. The result of these practical studies is a practice report and its defense in public, with the participation of business professionals and consultants from various fields.


  • Principles and methods of organizations’ management, organizational behaviour and leadership, change management and strategic business analysis.
  • How to conduct analysis, systematize, and evaluate information from various data sources for decision-making purposes.
  • How to critically evaluate business development ideas, formulate arguments and assumptions about business management alternatives.
  • How to apply quantitative and qualitative, technology-based methods for investigation of selected business problems and interpret the outcomes.

Students have a unique opportunity to develop their decision-making skills and expand their competencies by selecting alternative study modules relevant for professional activity.

Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation module is intended to learn:

  • How to analyse, evaluate and mode business innovation processes.
  • How to establish and manage start-ups.
  • How to organize and manage technology transfer processes.
  • How to make strategic decisions required for development, dissemination and application of innovations in organizations.
Human Resource Management module is intended to learn:
  • How to develop and evaluate human resource management policies and strategies in organizations.
  • How to foster innovative employee behavior in organizations.
  • How to evaluate and develop new measures for effective human resource management decision making and research.
  • How to increase organization’s competitiveness and sustainable performance through effective management of employees.
Business Finance for Executives module is intended to learn:
  • How to analyse and evaluate business financial statements, calculate absolute and relative indicators and interpret their results.
  • How to model business continuity scenarios by applying the latest technologies.
  • How to evaluate and forecast the benefits of business investments.
  • How to make sound financial decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty.
Business Economic Decisions Engineering module is intended to learn:
  • How to apply economic forecasting and computer simulation models for evaluation of business alternatives.
  • How to analyse economic indicators of industry, enterprise, or their group and apply the knowledge based on the macroeconomic and microeconomic behaviour of business, economic fluctuations, and business cycles.
  • How to design economic research.
  • How to apply statistical and mathematical research methods for the economic justification of a business idea.
March 23, 2022

Business Leadership


Degree Master of Business Management
Length, structure 1,5 years (3 semesters) graduation is finalized with the defense of Final project

Detailed curricula 

Entry Requirements To this programme applicants are accepted from all fields of studies without special background in Business or Management.


To train Master’s degree holders in management, who are able to creatively apply a novel knowledge of engineering economics and management thus seeking to effectively manage economical and managerial processes in the changing environment, to create value for consumers and to be ready for implementation of scientific research and self-improvement throughout lifelong learning.


  • To know contemporary management and leadership theories; the ability to apply them to innovative business decisions and implement it by mobilizing groups adapting to fast-changing conditions of the global environment
  • The ability to apply knowledge of modern entrepreneurship, learning organization and leadership in the context of sustainable development creating conditions for employees to reveal initiative and creativeness; the ability to prepare innovative business decisions and implement them while competing with the exceptional potential of the leader.
  • The ability to plan and execute applied research on business reasoning, development, and organisation integrating modern management theories and main professional skills by choosing the most suitable leadership model in the dynamic, uncertain business environment
  • The ability to convey scientifically based knowledge to business experts, and similar, systematically transmit evaluation results, while having critically and complexly assessed the quality of economic and business management results using the principles of professional ethics; the ability to formulate and submit socially responsible offers
March 23, 2022

Transport Logistics

One and a half year long (3 semesters) master’s degree programme.


Degree Master of Business Management
Length, structure 1,5 years (3 semesters) graduation is finalized with the defense of Final project

Detailed curricula 

Entry Requirements To this programme applicants are accepted from the fields of: Logistics, Business Logistics, Business Administration, Transport Management, Business Management.


The aim of the programme is to prepare and educate a professional of transport management and logistics – Master of Business Management, who would be able to evaluate the economic operations and events of transport management and logistics, analyse and present the information, plan and carry out scientific research in the field of transport and logistics, competently assess their results and apply them in practice, make independent decisions related to the management of processes of transport and logistics, hold a managing position in various business companies and state institutions; graduates will be able to reason creatively and critically, as well as maintain their professional competencies obtained at the university or scientific research institutions and learn independently throughout life.
December 29, 2021

Gender Studies

The program aims to prepare highly qualified sociologists with critical analysis, scientific and practical work skills, who are able to systematically analyze relevant societal phenomena and challenges related to gender categories established in social relations and institutes; to prepare and implement sociological research projects in accordance to the research ethics; to propose possible solutions to social problems related to gender norms on the basis of the results of sociological research; to work in a multicultural environment, to plan independently and to pursue a professional career.

Distinctive features of the program:

  • The only full-fledged Master’s Degree program in Gender Studies in Lithuania and Belarus;
  • The program is based on more than 20-year-old tradition in the field of gender studies of EHU;
  • The program is prepared on the basis of experience of Western universities and the relevant research and pedagogical potential of European Humanities University as well as invited foreign experts;
  • All courses are taught in English;
  • Blended learning format, combining full-time education in Vilnius and distance learning;
  • Unique teaching staff, including highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field of gender studies;
  • Combination of theory and practice, research and projects’ activities focused on gender dimension;
  • Emphasis on development of the research skills of students;
  • The interdisciplinary approach that provides students with a solid knowledge of gender dimension in such fields as law, political sciences, etc.

Career opportunities:

  • sociologists;
  • consultants;
  • analysts at national and international research centers;
  • professionals in gender studies;
  • employees of governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • employees of personnel services and agencies, media agencies, educational institutions, etc.

Language of instruction

  • English
April 6, 2021

Визуальная пластика

О программе

  • Знакомство с современными междисциплинарными практиками визуальных исследований
  • Изучение экспериментальных и новаторских техник в мастер-классах специалистов из Беларуси, Литвы, Франции, Эстонии, Португалии, Израиля;
  • Практические визуальные исследования в полевых школах в Вильнюсе, Санкт-Петербурге, Флоренции и Афинах;
  • Формирование творческого метода через индивидуальные проекты.

Карьерные возможности

  • Арт-директор;
  • Медиа-художник;
  • Режиссёр анимационных проектов;
  • Художник арт-концепта проекта;
  • Докторант в университетах Европы и США.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский

April 2, 2021

Развитие культурного наследия

Программа разработана и реализуется Департаментом гуманитарных наук и искусств с 2019 года с учетом опыта реализации предшествующих магистерских программ («Охрана и интерпретация культурного наследия», «Историческое и культурное наследие») и актуальных европейских тенденций развития сферы культуры и творчества.

  • ориентированность программы на подготовку квалифицированного специалиста по разработке наукоемких инновационных продуктов с использованием потенциала культурного наследия;
  • уникальный учебный план, предусматривающий возможность развитие потенциала и углубленной специализации;
  • освоение передовых международно признанных методологий научно-исследовательской и практической деятельности;
  • два языка преподавания — английский и русский;
  • возможность участия в международных программах студенческого обмена – Erasmus+, Германская служба академических обменов (DAAD), Bard College Network (США) и других

Карьерные возможности

  • Квалифицированный сотрудник или эксперт/независимый консультант международных, государственных и негосударственных структур, осуществляющих управление, коммерческую, некоммерческую и исследовательскую деятельность, ориентированную на объекты культурного наследия;
  • Профессиональная деятельность на старших и руководящих должностях, в качестве ответственного исполнителя, координатора, руководителя, представителя заказчика, финансирующей организации или эксперта/консультанта;
  • Создание стартапов, организация и руководство собственным бизнесом;
  • Полученная квалификация является прочной основой для карьерного роста и продолжения образования в докторантуре и дополнительной специализации в магистратуре европейских и американских университетов по широкому спектру направлений.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский