‘Labas’ is what Lithuanians say when they greet someone.

Lithuanian is one of two living Baltic languages.  It is regarded as one of the most conservative living Indo-European languages that have retained most of the features of the Proto-Indo-European language. Among Indo-European languages, Lithuanian is conservative in some aspects of its grammar and phonology, retaining archaic features otherwise found only in ancient languages such as Sanskrit, particularly its early form, Vedic Sanskrit.

Approximately three million people speak Lithuanian as their mother tongue, including communities living in Belarus, Poland, and those who have emigrated to the USA, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Germany, Latvia and other countries.

Lithuanian language courses for foreigners and speakers of other languages

It is always useful to take a course when you need help in learning a new language or if you are looking for opportunities to practice spoken word. If you are interested in learning a bit of Lithuanian – various courses are organised annually by universities. The courses are intended for foreigners who want to learn the Lithuanian language and for speakers of other languages who live in the country and want to improve their speaking skills.

Education Exchanges Support Foundation is offering scholarships for students, lecturers and researchers of foreign countries for Lithuanian language and culture courses.

Short vocabulary:

  • Good Morning! – Labas rytas!
  • Good Afternoon! – Laba diena!
  • Good Evening! – Labas vakaras!
  • Hello! – Sveiki!
  • Goodbye! – Viso gero!
  • See you later! – Iki pasimatymo!
  • Thank You! – Ačiū!
  • What’s up? – Kaip sekasi?
  • I don’t speak Lithuanian. – Nekalbu lietuviškai.
  • I love basketball! – Aš myliu krepšinį!

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