Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) is large enough for you to get everything you need out of education, but small enough so that you can make friends with other students and even your professors. Therefore, if you want to gain a good education in Lithuania, become a professional in your field and feel like at home, choose us!

VTDK offers you:

– Applied studies of engineering, design and management – get a lot of practical training.

– Interdisciplinary engineering, design & business projects – release your creative power in the interdisciplinary teams;

– Actual problem-based projects for local communities – make a difference while studying;

– Creative, friendly and supportive academic community – each student is visible.

About us
Vilnius College of Technologies and Design is a state university of applied sciences, offering 15 full-time study programs in Lithuanian languge in design, civil engineering, technical sciences and transportation to approximately 2000 students. Studies focus on practical activities and enable students to acquire a specialized background and achieve a professional bachelor’s degree.

The strategy of the College emphasizes its contribution to the sustainable development, embracing its economic, social and environmental dimensions. As one of its significant task VTDK sees knowledge transfer and application of knowledge to the community – the interdisciplinary projects foster individualized student learning experiences that allow the innovative integration of multiple fields of study. In addition to receiving real expertise, the students also become part of an active and creative future generation of professionals with the capacity to compete in the Lithuanian and European labor market.

The International Office of VTDK will help you to put your course schedule together, make reservations at the student dormitory, and will provide you with the guidance and information for your everyday student life!

VTDK – here the hobby turns into the profession.