June 11, 2024

Emanuel Galati: Academic Journey From Studies in Milan to Vilnius University

Emanuel Galati, an Italian student, started his academic education by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He then was offered ‘Erasmus+’ scholarships to pursue his master studies either in Lithuania or Brazil and, finally, was admitted to partial studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Vilnius University (VU).

Before the ‘Erasmus+’ Programme, Emanuel knew very little of Lithuania. However, during his studies in Milan, he had already heard and read about Vilnius University and was eager to learn more about student life in Vilnius and the historic Alma Mater. The first impression turned out to be very positive.

‘Vilnius is a beautiful city, and I was particularly enchanted by the weather. Coming from southern Italy, Apulia, where it’s much hotter, the 15–20-degree temperatures in August suited me perfectly. I found the city beautiful and bustling with life,’ says Emanuel.

He also enjoyed the University, especially the practice-oriented studies in finance and insurance mathematics. After six months in Lithuania, Emanuel eventually decided to extend his stay. Now, he plans to finish his master studies here and exchange the Italian degree for a degree from VU.

‘I was impressed by the practical nature of studies in Lithuania. In Italy, we focused more on theory rather than practice. The dynamic teaching methods employed by the VU lecturers and the entire study programme, conducted in English, provide a richer and more engaging learning experience compared to my previous studies in the homeland,’ notes the Italian.

According to Emanuel, VU and the city itself now have a special place in his heart, as this is where he made lasting friendships, became a part of the community, and immersed himself in vibrant academic and city life.

‘In my spare time, I practised three main hobbies: travelling, techno music parties (which are just as fantastic in Vilnius as they are in Berlin), and various sports activities. Through all of them, I met a lot of interesting people who I still keep in touch with’, says the student.

When asked about his post-graduation plans, Emanuel says he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet. ‘I’m still pondering my next steps. Vilnius might become my permanent home or, maybe, I will embark on a new international adventure. The future is open to possibilities’, concludes Emanuel.

May 23, 2024

KTU student from Spain: Lithuania – among the best countries in Europe

“From a very young age, I was interested in understanding how things work and ‘the why’ was very important to me,” says Nieves Ganghe Pedros Chamorro, a KTU chemical technology and engineering student. Coming from Seville in the South of Spain, she enjoys the cooler Lithuanian climate, four seasons and greenery of Kaunas in summer.

Nieves Ganghe from Spain at KTU studies chemical technology and engineering

Nieves Ganghe, who has been living in Kaunas for three years now, says that the changes in the city are noticeable – the streets and the bus stops are renovated, and there are more and more places to spend time after classes.

“Kaunas is a very comfortable city, small enough to move freely around with public transportation, but sufficiently big to have all types of places that students need or enjoy, such as malls, restaurants, museums and party places,” says a Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) student from Spain.

She believes that soon, Lithuania will become one of the most attractive countries in Europe.

Loves the practicality of her studies

Before coming to KTU, Nieves Ganghe was studying chemical engineering at the University of Seville. However, she did not appreciate the study environment there – classes were too crowded and the curricula too theory-based.

Now, after studying at KTU for three years, she says that the move to another country for studies was 100 per cent worth it. Nieves Ganghe enjoys not only the grading system – where all the class work contributes to the final grade – but also the practicality of her studies.

“Everything, that is explained in theory is practiced, not only on paper but in the laboratory, so the information is not only explained but also proved. Theoretical and practical lectures along with laboratory works make up a system that allows the student to retain the information much better and for much longer,” believes a KTU 3rd year chemical technology and engineering student.

Nieves Ganghe from Spain at KTU studies chemical technology and engineering

Chemistry, she says, is not only about chemical reactions. Her current studies provide her with knowledge of other scientific fields such as physics or electricity, as well as more “social” fields, for example, healthy lifestyle.

The academically-minded student says that from a very young age, she was interested not only in “how” but also in the “why” things work.

“I believe, science in general is based on proving how nature works and chemistry is one of the bases of life itself. When I’m studying, for me it is very important to understand the reasons and the conclusions of the topic discussed,” explains the curious student.

She is happy that at KTU teachers always provide information when questions are asked.

Studies at KTU tuition-free

The third-year KTU student from Spain says that she wanted to experience studying in English and found KTU on study.eu, a website providing information on studies in Europe. Among many other opportunities in different countries, she chose Lithuania.

“I like the cold weather, and the life expenses are manageable. Also, the references of KTU were quite good compared to other universities,” says Nieves Ganghe.

Nieves Ganghe from Spain at KTU studies chemical technology and engineering

At KTU, she likes the passionate teachers, who are willing to help in any way they can, and is impressed by the facilities, provided by the university – laboratories, classrooms, and library, according to the student from Spain, are “top-notch”. Nieves Ganghe also appreciates student services for personal and professional development.

“At KTU one can also find psychological help, which, I believe, is quite important when you are living far away from home,” says a KTU student from Seville, Spain.

She attends KTU gym daily (it is free for the students and staff), and says that she prefers having a walk to watching TV or music shows any time.

“I love physical exercise, the amount of green areas around Kaunas is amazing and I use them as a way to disconnect and relax. I also quite enjoy cooking and baking, which I do in the cold winters,” says Nieves Ganghe.

Surprised by the cleanliness and nature in the city

Lithuania took her by surprise – the four different seasons, each with its beauty, the amount of greenery in urban areas.

“In 10 minutes, you can find yourself in the middle of nature. This, I believe, improves the happiness of people and makes the city way more beautiful,” says Nieves Ganghe.

Although she comes from the South of Spain, where the summers are very hot and winters – almost non-existent, the girl was not scared by the Lithuanian winter, which may have a lot of snow and very cold weather.

“On the other hand, summers are beautiful, long days with plenty of time to do many activities,” she says with a smile.

Her favourite spot in nature is Kauno Marios (aka Kaunas Reservoir) – which is a short ride by bus and offers amazing views of the lake. KTU student from Spain also likes to visit other cities in Lithuania, as the “train system works quite well and there are discounts on ticket prices for students.”

Another thing that impressed her here is the cleanliness of the streets – the Kaunas residents to Nieves Ganghe seem very civil, they collect after their dogs and tend to put the rubbish in the dust bins.

Coming from a culture with a very social lifestyle involving lots of gatherings with family and friends outside of the home, with food, she misses these activities. In Lithuania, mostly because of the weather, she thinks, people tend to spend time indoors, and the streets become crowded only in summer.

“Sometimes, I miss busy streets with lots of noise. However, the thing that I miss the most is food, not all specific ingredients for certain dishes can be found here. I believe that maybe in Lithuania they are simply not used,” says a future chemical engineer, studying at KTU.

Recommendations for future students

All in all, Nieves Ganghe from Seville, Spain recommends KTU to everyone – even if it is only for a short time, say as an Erasmus student: “The university is top notch and the country offers many different activities for all types of students.”

Below, you will find specific aspects that she wanted to mention to the future students:

  • The university provides dormitories, which are fully equipped with everything in terms of furniture. Depending on the dormitory, rooms are shared or private. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually shared.
  • Public transportation for students is very economical and it works very well.
  • Many different activities and services are provided by KTU, making possible a faster introduction and adaptation to the country.

Are you from Europe? Study at Kaunas University of Technology tuition-free. Choose your study programme and apply by June 30, 2024.

Source – Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

May 7, 2024

KTU student from Ecuador started a racing team in Lithuania

Every year, Formula Student East, organised by the Association of Automotive Engineers, takes place in Europe. This competition serves as a platform for engineering students to deepen their expertise. Inspired by this prestigious event, Martin Gomez, an Ecuadorian student studying Intelligent Robotics Systems at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) founded Formula Student Lithuania – a dynamic racing team qualified to compete in the race. Recently, it gained formal recognition as an official KTU student organisation.

The team’s primary objective is to facilitate the development and mastery of engineering skills among students.

“The idea to start a racing team emerged a year ago after I participated in the Formula Student EAST in Hungary – a global competition where universities assemble teams to construct fully functional Formula Student cars,” says Martin.

The event connects various disciplines including economics, business social dynamics, product development, and engineering.

Martin Gomez, KTU Intelligent Robotics Systems student from Ecuador

“My primary motivation to start our team stems from its versatility and multidisciplinary nature, enabling me to get insights from diverse fields,” Martin says with a smile, “moreover, I’ve acquired valuable leadership, organisational and management skills.”

The active student from Ecuador also organises a simulation competition for students in Kaunas aimed at developing autonomous driving systems.

“By organising the event, I gain more knowledge of various aspects important for professional drivers and engineers. This competition integrates various disciplines such as economics, the social dynamics of the industry, product development, and the comprehensive engineering aspects,” says Martin.

Constant learning is connected to personal growth

At KTU, Martin pursues studies in Intelligent Robotics Systems, engages in 3D projects, indulges his artistic side through drawing, and finds solace in music by playing the piano and guitar. Additionally, he enjoys board games and participates in simulation races.

During his time in Kaunas, Gomez’s life has undergone significant changes, particularly in his choice of study programme. Initially opting for Mechatronics, he soon realised his preference for automation of processes using artificial intelligence solutions.

Martin Gomez, KTU bachelor's student of robotics is one of the faces of this year's KTU admissions campaign

KTU student from Ecuador emphasises the importance of embracing mistakes in the learning process and being open to redirecting one’s path if necessary. While talking about changing his studies to Intelligent Robotic Systems, Gomez highlights the dynamic nature of the field. He notes the rapid evolution of technologies necessitating constant adaptation and relearning of concepts to stay ahead of advancements and effectively apply them in changing scenarios.

Makes 3D-printed parts for household appliances

KTU robotics student from Ecuador was involved in various professionally stimulating activities from his young years. In 2019, while still living in Ecuador, Gomez started exploring 3D printing by acquiring his first printer. Since then, he has developed various projects, ranging from crafting simple objects such as plant pots to manufacturing replacement parts for household appliances.

According to Gomez, mastering the use of a 3D printer has complemented his university education, endowing him with the ability to meticulously assess projects from mechanical and structural perspectives to intelligent production management systems.

His engagement with 3D printing seamlessly intertwines with his passion for design. When conceptualising an object, Gomez carefully considers its intended qualities—whether they lean towards aesthetics or functionality.

“Upon determining the primary purpose of the object, I begin by sketching it on paper before transitioning to digital modelling. During over five years of design experience, I’ve come to appreciate every detail – it’s truly the highlight of the process,” says Martin.

Coping strategy – believing in the process and playing board games

With a myriad of interests and the demands of university studies, Gomez has honed the art of balancing his commitments: “Mastering time management has been one of the most crucial and challenging skills I’ve acquired. My advice to others is to cultivate personal habits that align with their goals.”

He acknowledges that progress takes time, likening it to the proverbial construction of Rome: “Every endeavour we undertake is a journey that must be savoured. There are highs and lows, but believing in the process keeps me motivated, knowing that every setback is just a part of life’s journey. After all, none of us are perfect; we’re only human.”

Finding joy in the process, a KTU robotics student from Ecuador draws inspiration from playing board games, with Monopoly ranking among his favourites.

“Board games can simulate real-life decision-making. Even with a solid strategy, outcomes may not always align with our expectations,” says Martin.

For him, board games serve as a microcosm of life, emphasising the importance of fair play, respect, positive thinking, and giving one’s best effort. Martin believes that the lessons we learn from board games are useful far beyond; they shape our approach to life itself.

Kaunas – an example of a positive city

Initially unfamiliar with Kaunas, Lithuania, a KTU robotics student from Ecuador was introduced to the small yet vibrant student city by a friend.

Intrigued, Martin started to explore Kaunas, noting its superior educational standards, cutting-edge technology, and diverse outdoor recreational offerings.

Having resided here for four years now, Martin has developed a profound affection for Kaunas’ iconic locales – the bustling Laisvės Avenue, the historic Old Town, Kauno Marios (Kaunas reservoir), and the recently discovered gem, the Jiesios atodanga (the outcrop by the Jiesia river).

Martin enjoys living in Kaunas

“Upon arriving in Kaunas, I was immediately captivated by its natural beauty,” Martin remembers with a smile, “one of the most memorable experiences for me was witnessing the mesmerising sight of the sunset over Santaka during the summer.”

The most shocking difference between his home and study country is the weather. It took time to get used to the freezing winters and hot summers.

“The abrupt shift to cold, with short winter days and long hours of studying and working in the dark evenings after early sunsets, took me by surprise. However, as the weather warms up, hot days beckon for lakeside retreats, music-filled gatherings, and barbecue sessions with friends,” says Gomez.

KTU robotics student enjoys Kaunas’ rich cultural life – museums, art galleries, concerts, karaoke nights. He believes that Kaunas residents may seem more reserved at the beginning. However, after one gets to know them, people usually open up.

“I would like to know the local community better during my extended stay in Kaunas, and I am confident that I will further develop my skills and gain invaluable professional experience here. However, eventually, I may decide to travel to another country in search of fresh perspectives,” says Martin.

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April 16, 2024

Real Experience. Inspiring Discoveries. Become a Vilnius University Student for a Day

Registration for the traditional event “Student for a Day” at Vilnius University (VU) has begun. This year, VU offers real experiences and inspiring discoveries for high school students and those interested in studying at VU, inviting them to get to know the prominent study programmes.


“Student for a Day” is perfect for those who are curious about what it would be like to study at VU, both for a degree or exchange studies. Participants can choose from many different classes in different fields and disciplines, learn about VU first-hand, broaden their knowledge and can easier decide what to study.

The event participants, together with the current VU students, will have an opportunity to visit lectures in 15 faculties, including Kaunas and Šiauliai. The events will take place both in person and remotely, furthermore, lectures will be organised for international students in English.

The participant who becomes a student for one day will be able not only to get to know VU and its faculties but also to discover new disciplines, enrich their knowledge, and find answers to their questions regarding their choice of studies.

This year, VU ambassadors invite students from other countries to a special remote event in English. In the virtual panel discussion, VU ambassadors from various faculties will share their experiences at VU. They will present university life from application and admission to final exams.

“Student for a Day” events will take place from April 22nd to 26th. More information and registration can be found here.

March 29, 2024

Meet “Study in Lithuania” in Armenia!

Students in Armenia. Want to study abroad? Choose Lithuania, the center of Europe!

“Study in Lithuania” will visit the capital of Armenia this April and you will have a chance to find out what studying in Lithuania is all about.

Meet “Study in Lithuania” at “Education & Career EXPO 2024“, the 23rd international specialized exhibition of education. The exhibition will take place on April 10-12th at Karen Demirchyan Complex in Yerevan, Armenia.

"Study in Lithuania" will visit the capital of Armenia this April

At the exhibition you will have a chance to meet the representatives of the following Lithuanian universities:

Kauno kolegija / Higher Education Institution
Lithuanian Maritime Academy
Panevėžio kolegija / Higher Education Institution
Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution
Vilnius University

You will have a chance to learn about participating universities, available study programmes, admission requirements, deadlines, scholarships and much more!

Visit the fair and meet “Study in Lithuania” team. You career starts here!

March 27, 2024

International Teaching Week At Vilniaus Kolegija / Higher Education Institution (VIKO)

The beginning of spring at VIKO is marked every year by the International Teaching Week, which took place from 4-8 March this year. This is the 16th edition of such type of event, that brought together as many as 48 lecturers from higher education institutions and companies from 16 countries around the world. Continuing its unconditional support of Ukraine, VIKO funded the participation of 8 academics from Ukrainian universities in this Week. The International Teaching Week was also attended by 8 students from the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music and 4 students from the UCLL University of Applied Sciences in Belgium.

Participants of International Teaching Week At Vilniaus Kolegija

During the International Teaching Week, foreign lecturers gave over 80 lectures and seminars to VIKO’s Lithuanian and foreign students studying in part-time and full-time study programmes, and over 10 academic meetings were held on various topics of cooperation development. The students who attended the lectures of foreign lecturers highlighted the relevant and interesting topics discussed by the lectures, the charisma of the visiting lecturers, and their ability to attract the attention of the audience. On the other hand, fellow lecturers appreciated the sharing of different cultures and experiences, which had a very strong educational impact.

This year’s International Teaching Week also featured a number of very distinguished lecturers, including Hollywood costume designer Christian Cordella, known for his work on Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Jurassic World, Avatar 2 and others. The opening keynote speech was given by Prof. Carmel Borg from the University of Malta, a well-known educationalist, lecturer, author of books and articles, known in Europe and beyond.

Participants of International Teaching Week At Vilniaus Kolegija

During the Week, Lithuanian and Latvian jazz students, who have been rehearsing intensively together, created, and prepared pieces for the Birštonas Jazz Festival, which they presented at the traditional jazz evening of the International Teaching Week. The cultural programme of the Week also included a Lithuanian national music evening, which received great ovations from the guests – VIKO song and dance ensemble “Voruta” performed and invited the audience not only to listen to Lithuanian songs and watch Lithuanian dances, but also to try out playing Lithuanian instruments and dancing traditional folk dances themselves. The week-long event concluded with a concert by VIKO students to commemorate the Independence Restoration Day of Lithuania.

This year’s International Teaching Week programme also featured a two-day Seminar on Sustainable Development, during which were presented Action Plans, a Methodological Guide, and an SDG Scorecard – tools designed for assessing institutional progress in sustainable development at Higher Education Institutions. These tools were developed as part of Erasmus+ project „Universities for Sustainable Development“, carried out by VIKO in collaboration with Pablo de Olavide University (Spain), Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and OpenODS (Spain). Around 300 participants from Lithuanian and foreign HEIs, as well as other institutions, joined the seminar, both in person and online. This active participation underscores the significant interest and engagement of educational institutions in topics related to Sustainable Development and 2030 Agenda.

Participants of International Teaching Week At Vilniaus Kolegija

The International Teaching Weeks are one of the key events in the development of VIKO’s internationalisation strategy, with the main objective of promoting “internationalisation at home” by providing opportunities for VIKO community to gain international experience and develop academic links. These events are highly appreciated by the visiting foreign lecturers, who highlight the professional organisation of the week, the welcoming atmosphere, the variety of events, the excellent conditions for communication and cooperation, which is the greatest value of these events.

The International Teaching Week of VIKO will take place on 3-7 March 2025.

Source – Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution

February 29, 2024

Scholarships for Full-Time Master’s Degree available! Apply today!

The call for applications for full-time master’s degree or integrated studies at Lithuanian universities is now OPEN!

Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme is designed for the advanced students, lecturers or researchers of foreign higher education and research institutions to enable them to study at higher education institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

There are 100 monthly scholarships and grants, covering the study cost, for full-time Master’s degree or integrated studies available this year and you can be one of the lucky students!

Apply today and get your tuition fee COVERED this autumn!

You can find the instructions on how to do it HERE.

happy student

February 27, 2024

Fresh out of KTU: Ukrainian Iryna roaming oceans and ideas

A master’s degree in law and more than 10 years of experience as an investigator, prosecutor, and attorney ensured Ukrainian Iryna Bielotska an experienced professional status and a successful career. However, that was not enough for Iryna, who soon realized that getting too deep into one narrow area was not allowing her to see the bigger picture. That was when she decided to expand her knowledge in the field of political sciences.

“I have always had a desire to expand my general knowledge to better understand the current political environment on the global stage, the associated risks and challenges. After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, this need became more urgent,” explains Iryna Bielotska, talking about her decision in more detail.

Iryna Bielotska, KTU's Ukrainian student

Now, a graduate of the Public Policy and Security master’s program at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) confirms that her expectations were fully met.

Recalling the whole period of her studies, Iryna highlights an innovative approach to studies and learning.

Systematically receiving information, not just about facts and events, helped her acquire new useful skills and find non-standard solutions in practical cases.

“I studied the history of Europe in a new context, became acquainted with the legislative system of the European Union, and participated in simulations of resolving geopolitical conflicts. I learned to analyze risks and create communication strategies,” says Iryna.

KTU student from Ukraine also remembers being pleasantly surprised by the full support and care of the university community during her studies: all books, equipment, technology, and even access to the gym and game rooms were free of charge, while the KTU staff was always ready to provide information and advice on any issues.

Iryna Bielotska, KTU's Ukrainian student

She explains that this kind of attitude towards students not only saved her money but also provided additional comfort and ensured smooth integration into society.

Furthermore, enhanced learning mobility opportunities at KTU attracted Iryna’s attention and encouraged by the positive feedback, she decided to take part in the proposed activities.

“This allowed me not only to study in Portugal but also to travel around Europe for a month. I visited the Azores, where I swam in the ocean with dolphins, and watched whales and volcanic geysers. Such moments definitely make student life brighter,” believes Iryna Bielotska.

As for the future, Iryna shares that she won the “Student Research for Semester” competition and received funding for a scientific research project on the integration of immigrants in the Lithuanian legal system, specifically on the challenges facing Ukrainian citizens and strategies for solving them, and will be staying in Lithuania until April.

Iryna is then considering pursuing a PhD or looking for opportunities in European Union institutions. But at the same time, homesickness tempts her to return to Kyiv and spend time with her family.

“It was my family that supported and continues to support me throughout my academic and life paths,” says fresh-out-of-university KTU alumni.

For everyone feeling uncertain about their future, Iryna reassures them that with the right mindset, everything is possible.

“Previously, studying at a European university seemed unrealistic to me. Now I understand that everything is in our hands. I would like as many people as possible from Ukraine and other countries to learn about this and believe in themselves,” encourages Iryna.

Source – Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

February 15, 2024

Scholarships Available for Short-Term and Lithuanian Short-Term Studies

Education Exchanges Support Foundation would like to announce that the the call for applications for 2024-2025 short-term studies as well as Lithuanian short-term studies is now OPEN!

Study in Lithuania for 1-2 semesters and see for yourself what Lithuanian higher education has to offer.


Scholarships for Short-Term Studies

Scholarships for Lithuanian Short-Term Studies

February 1, 2024

KTU international students’ stories – from winter sports to scientific activities

“Winter is my beloved season in Lithuania,” says Gurban, a Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) student of Informatics from Azerbaijan. Coming from a warm country, he dreamed of experiencing the magical snowy winter in Lithuania.

KTU campus in winter

Gurban’s impressions about studying at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and living in Kaunas through winter can be found on his Unibuddy blog post on KTU Ambassadors’ page.

Here he shares his favourite spots to walk in Kaunas in winter, such as Panemunė Forest Park, Petrašiūnai Park next to Kaunas Reservoir, aka Kauno Marios. Winter sports, such as skating, sledging and skiing are something that the Informatics student from Azerbaijan is advising to try.

“In front of Kaunas Castle, you will notice small hills where children go down on the sledges, but there are high hills as well, made by Kaunas nature, especially for adults and teenagers,” says Gurban.

In his blog, you can find loads of tips for a quality time both at the University and outside of campus from the point of view of an international student.

Help when you need it most

If you are interested in studying at KTU, but are not sure what it feels like living in Kaunas, going to lectures on campus or using the University’s facilities, the best way is to chat with someone similar to you. On the KTU Ambassadors’ page you can talk to someone who is from your country, is studying at the same programme you are interested in, or shares similar hobbies. Since July 2020, 26,345 questions have been answered by KTU ambassadors.

Alejandra Gutierrez Luna from Nicaragua came to Kaunas at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, in October 2020. At the time, all the teaching was online, and there were many restrictions to the social life – it took three months for her to visit the city centre.

“My saviour was the KTU Ambassador, a student from my country, who also was studying the same subject. I was contacted by him right away after coming to Kaunas – he started teaching me how everything works. I am very grateful to the university for telling him: look, there is this girl from your country, check on her,” remembers Alejandra, who is one of the ambassadors herself.

Alejandra Gutierez, achitecture student from Nicaragua

On her blog page, she talks about her experience of participating in a scientific conference and being awarded as one of the best presenters.

“While trying something new I achieved more than I expected!” says Alejandra, who has already lived on three continents and came to architecture after studying medicine.

Honest stories from an international KTU student, someone similar to you

People’s incredible stories and personal perspective is something that can be trusted. By chatting with a student ambassador, especially to someone who is still a student at KTU, you are connecting yourself to a KTU community. You can reach out to them with questions that you have before the arrival, and keep the connection live once you come here.

“KTU boasts a vibrant international student community. Studying here means you’ll have the opportunity to interact with and learn from students from around the world, making for a rich and diverse cultural experience,” says Safiyya from Azerbaijan, studying business and entrepreneurship.

She likes studying at KTU because of the high quality of education, research opportunities, possibilities to get funding for your studies, and the plentitude of academic and after-class activities that the university offers.

South Africa-KTU
Francois Breed, mechatronics student from South Africa

“University is not just about studying. It is about exploration. It’s about discovering who you are,” says Francois from South Africa.

A final year student of Mechatronics at KTU, in his blog, Francois talks about his experiences of creating new projects with his teachers and colleagues. One of those projects was creating beautiful installations for the 13.7 Lights Festival, which took place in the autumn of 2022.

“As part of the green team, I helped build a magnificent hexagon-inspired installation. I was the only international student in my team, and the mechanical part of the project was my responsibility,” says Francois.

Although at the beginning he was concerned about communication with his Lithuanian teammates, as everybody needed to communicate in English, they got along well and became good friends through the course of the project.

KTU Ambassadors’ page, enabled by Unibuddy, is full of honest and inspiring stories similar to those above. They are all current KTU students or alumni happy to share their experiences on studying at KTU and living in Kaunas, Lithuania. If you are interested in studying with us, chat with our students.

KTU admissions for the autumn semester 2024 are open. KTU offers 50 bachelor’s and master’s study programmes in English. Check them, choose yours, and apply by June 30.

Source – Kaunas University of Technology