August 13, 2020

Students from Foreign Countries Will be Allowed to Come and Study in Lithuania (UPDATED on August 20th, 2020)

NOTE: According to the new resolution, the restrictions of crossing the state borders are lifted for foreigners coming to Lithuania for study purposes.

The proposal by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports to allow foreign citizens admitted to study in Lithuanian higher education institutions to enter the country was approved by the Government during a meeting on 12th of August 2020.

The recommendations of the European Union note that the hosting higher education institutions must guarantee the opportunity for foreign students to attend the classes. Student mobility for the purpose of research, studies and traineeships is one of the most important criteria for making such a decision.

According to Algirdas Monkevičius, the Minister of Education, Science and Sports, “as the beginning of the new school year approaches, there are many inquiries about the arrival of foreign students. The Ministry supports this decision, which will allow further internationalization of studies. However, those higher education institutions that will host the international students will have to ensure all the necessary measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 – self-isolation of students, provision of personal hygiene measures, flow regulations, etc. This is the most important conditions.”

It’s essential to notice that students will be allowed to come only to those higher education institutions that will ensure conditions raised by a state of national emergency such as the provision of a special means of transportation from the airport, to ensure the conditions for self-isolation and testing for COVID-19. Therefore, it is of high importance to get information on this issue from the host university before you travel to Lithuania.

Students arriving from countries where the sickness rate of COVID-19 disease exceeds 25 cases per 100 thousand residents in the last 14 calendar days must provide a valid proof of the negative COVID-19 test result, taken within the last 72 hours prior to arrival in Lithuania. Otherwise, the higher education institutions must organize such testing within 24 hours of students’ arrival to Lithuania.

Higher education institutions will have to ensure the conditions of isolation for 14 days of all foreign students coming to Lithuania. The accommodations for isolation must be located in residential buildings (social housing, dormitories, etc.), recreational buildings (youth hostels, rural tourism buildings, etc.) or in other similar facilities. If it is not possible to provide each person with a separate living facilities with a separate bathroom, students must be grouped according to the time of commencement of isolation. Students must be accommodated in single isolation rooms, however if this is not possible, it is necessary to ensure that no more than three people live in one room. Members of the same family should be, if possible, isolated in one room. Isolation rooms must be equipped with the necessary furniture, inventory, utensils, cleaning and disinfecting products, household waste collection containers, bedding and clothing collection facilities if it is not possible to wash them. The hosting higher education institutions must ensure the delivery of food and other essentials (medicines, hygiene products, clothing, etc.) for isolated students. The isolation facilities must be disinfected regularly.

Student isolation facilities, transportation to the isolation facilities and the COVID-19 testing must be provided and paid for by the hosting higher education or by the students themselves.

For preventing the emergence of COVID-19 and its further spread in Lithuania particular actions had been specified for entering the country by the National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. For more information please visit:


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