June 3, 2018

Lithuania’s finance elite to be nurtured by Vilnius University

 The Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research (CEFER) jointly with Vilnius University has developed a brand-new Bachelor program Quantitative Economics. This program will develop graduates capable of successfully navigating within the modern finance industry as well as public institutions and private companies requiring competence in economics and data science; the language of instruction is English and the program only last for three years instead of the standard four years. This is the first and so far the only program of this kind in Lithuania.

‘We believe that this program will become a stimulus for the development of the economics sciences in Lithuania and will satisfy the increasingly large financial and data analysts demand within the labor market. In developing it, we closely followed leading institutions, including my Alma Mater,  the University of Cambridge, and have drawn from experiences of CEFER researchers: in three years, students will develop analytic, mathematical, statistical and modelling skills that will be easily adaptable both for a career in business or further studies‘, tells Povilas Lastauskas, one of the authors and initiators of the program, Director of the Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research of the Bank of Lithuania. He worked previously as Director of Studies at the University of Cambridge.
The program Quantitative Economics is unique in that most lecturers will be active researchers who have received their doctoral degrees at leading universities abroad and conduct high-quality scientific research.
‘In terms of quality and content, this program will compete with the programs of the best universities, hence we aim at the best and most motivated high  school graduates who have excellent skills in mathematics and are fluent in English. The set minimum entry score for joining this study program will be no less than 6,’ tells Linas Tarasonis, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Vilnius University.
Those willing to study under this new program will need to have an excellent command of mathematics and English, while the selected candidates will be invited for a motivation interview. More information on the Bachelor’s program Quantitative Economics and the admission conditions is available here.
Source – Vilnius University.