April 25, 2018

Why VMU: Atmosphere of Students’ Town and Caring Professors

Muhammed Hasan Agan is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sociology at VMU. He is one of hundreds international students who join Vytautas Magnus University every semester as their second home in Kaunas, Lithuania. Some of them for shorter, some of them for several years – regardless time spent, all of them get unforgettable experience and create friendships of a lifetime in Vytautas Magnus University.

Long way to Lithuania, Kaunas and VMU
Hasan, who is originally from Turkey, came to Lithuania after  experiencing exchange studies in the Dominican Republic and Georgia. After recommendation from a friend he decided to look for opportunities online and apply for full-time studies in Lithuania.
The Turkish student says the main reasons he found Lithuania to be a likeable place for studying were the fact that it’s a part of the EU and pretty often the choice of other students. Besides that, he says Kaunas has the atmosphere of a students’ town, and seems to have a cheaper living cost. VMU offered a low tuition fee and seemed to be an appropriate choice for studying.
Hasan has already spent 1.5 years in Lithuania and says overcoming each challenge he faced here is his biggest achievement. VMU professors have been an immense help in lending a hand and enriching the study process of all international students. “The professors are caring and aim to be professional. They put the effort for the sake of the students, to actually help them understand the meaning of the subject, not just learn the material for the exams. Quite often, guest experts on certain topics are invited to hold lectures”, he points out.
The student’s favourite place at VMU is the Faculty of Social Sciences: he finds the environment quiet, cozy and less crowded, which helps with concentration when studying. Regardless, Hasan admits that he likes a lot about the university as a whole. “VMU has a pretty friendly, warm and efficient environment that students can take advantage of”, he says.
International experience at young age matters
Muhammed Hasan Agan agrees that an international and intercultural environment is a vital part of studies anywhere today: just like people in general crave new experiences, youth and students seek to gain knowledge in all possible ways.
“International and intercultural surroundings make us open-minded, people start seeing things from a different perspective, they get rid of monotony and stereotypes, become more creative. All this experience opens the door to a better life in the golden age of globalization. Today, more than ever, we need to learn living among different nations and cultures. I believe there is no better chance to improve our understanding of this than studies abroad”, Hasan claims.