December 12, 2017

International Students’ Reasons for Choosing Lithuania and LCC University

LCC International University this year welcomed many new students and is proud of it’s international community. At the moment there are students from 39 different countries and the greatest numbers are from Ukraine, USA, Russia, Georgia, and of course Lithuania.

When asked why they decided to choose Lithuania and studies at LCC International University, first year students mentioned the English language aspect, the international community as well as the highly qualified professors and Liberal Arts educational model.

Eduarda, an Ukrainian student, reports that she is not entirely happy with the quality of the education system back home. Being a FLEX program alumna, she had the opportunity to see a different educational system in the USA. 


“I understand that education is important everywhere and that the disadvantages of it are quite similar in every country.

Ukraine not long ago started doing education reform; however, we do not have enough experience. I think that only by sharing our experiences and examples from different countries we can achieve positive outcomes. 

After graduation I would like to come back to my country and help to develop a better education system.”

 Eduarda, LCC student of English Language and Literature

William, who came to LCC from Australia, explains that he chose LCC because of the Liberal Arts model. William admits that the Australian education system is not perfect. According to him, teachers there prepare students only to pass exams and enter the university. Teachers are not interested in a student’s broader development as a person.

William is very excited about being an LCC university student. He likes the international community and has already fallen in love with Klaipeda.


“I am glad that LCC is a small university. Many of the professors who are teaching here live on campus as well as the students; therefore, can be easily reached if needed. Professors are attending various events that are happening on the grounds of LCC, thus students can get to know them not only in the classroom as their mentors but as friends. In my opinion, instructors here value every student as an individual and try to help them to flourish as successful human beings and I am proud of that. Furthermore, I want to know Klaipeda, and the culture od Lithuania. I want to try to include myself in different events to become an active member of Klaipeda.”

 William, LCC student of Contemporary Communication

Tianna arrived to Klaipeda from Canada. She was not anxious about leaving her home country and its culture; quite the opposite, she always thought that it would be good to change her surroundings and learn about other countries, societies and traditions. LCC’s international and residential community, and the open and friendly campus culture pushed her to choose LCC.


“To be honest I wanted to leave my comfort zone and to travel to the other side of the globe.

It is easier to do so when you find a North American style international university where everything is taught in English.

Not only can I learn about Lithuanian culture, but the characteristics and cultures of so many others too!

As soon as I arrived I felt comfortable and welcomed – immediately a kind of home away from home.”

 Tianna, LCC student of International Business Administration


Source: LCC University