November 23, 2017

“The array of things to do in Lithuania is endless”, says VGTU student David from India

David Moses from India, a third year bachelor’s student at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, who majored in Business management, always loved good challenges and his decision to study abroad proved to be worth it.  “I would strongly encourage prospective international students to take a similar journey”, says David. Read his thoughts about studying in Lithuania below.

First, why VGTU?

To coming to VGTU was not a decision made by statistical & SWOT analysis. Instead, it was a pretty spontaneous choice.

After, I made my mind to study abroad, I dragged myself to a few researches about VGTU and its academics staffs who were visiting my country. Then, I asked around about VGTU and Lithuania, and briefed everything to Mom and Dad, got my admission and visa application approved and here I am. But it’s not as simple as I say here.

Looking back, it is hard to nail down one particular reason behind my decision. It could be a mix of the following factors:

·         my friendly university international student’s coordinators who spoke to me

·         the beautiful European cities

·         my parents support, and

·         a young restless heart

When I arrived, I found the locals friendly. “I was warmly welcomed by dedicated lecturers and a close-knit class.”

Then, how did study with VGTU turn out to be?

 I knew from the start that I wanted to study Business Management, partly because it’s one of the main aim in my life, but mainly because I really enjoy the unpredictability of it all. It’s a huge challenge to always stay on your toes, be flexible and ready to react to the business environment, but I love nothing more than a good challenge! I am more than happy with my choice!

The independent study. We get to do lots of our own reading and research, though of course we get plenty of support and the lecturers are available if you need extra guidance. It challenges you to really improve your time management and critical thinking – essential transferable skills for the workplace.

Next, studying in VGTU compared to the Indian studies? 

I can only speak for my own experience, but the Indian education system where I was studying is quite different to the European system. Firstly, there were more exams (mid-terms)… yes you’ve seen those in the movies, so I had about three to four exams per module and studied five modules per term. My exams were mostly all theoretical, but now I think multiple choice is harder than that, as it really makes you know your subject in detail. Unlike the European system, which is mainly lectures, I had a mix of lectures and classroom learning, which I actually preferred.

Finally, about the city and why? 

The array of things to do is endless. On top of societies, sports and university organised events (ESN events), there’s a huge nightlife. There’s a club or a bar for everyone (I urge you to go to Corporation/Corp at least once), as well as Opera hall, museums, countryside visit, ice hockey, gyms, pubs, markets, shops and endless festival and events. There’s always something to do!

An ideal time for both professional and personal growth to happen. I would strongly encourage prospective international students to take a similar journey.

Finally, hope this little blurb helps you some way!

Source: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University