November 21, 2017

KTU Challenge: Solve Da Vinci Code and Change the Colour of Mona Lisa’s Glasses

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets,” once said Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci and his foremost painting “Mona Lisa” reflect the artist’s ability to surpass time. Da Vinci is often considered as the originator of many modern inventions and theories, who was distinguished by interdisciplinarity of his inventions and works of art. Even today, the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci inspire others to create.


Kaunas University of Technology, an innovative, advanced and future-oriented university, which use ideas to create projects of the future, set up a challenge – how would Mona Liza look today? A bit of art, a bit of technology, a bit of interactivity – the idea based on history that creates the future.


20 meters of LED Bubbles, 40 different colours of paint and 500 hours of painting.



The unique work of art “Dadaist Mona Lisa in the 21st Century” is a combination of the fragments of “Mona Lisa” and math problems. Technological solutions are added to the painting. This work is painted with 3D effect; Mona Lisa is wearing special glasses made of light tubes. When someone solves math problems provided in the painting, they have a chance to choose and change the colour of Mona Lisa’s glasses.


Objective of this project – exhibition of visual art in new and interactive manner, using innovation and technologies, and expanding the limits of the understanding of traditional art.


The project also includes promotion of innovative solutions at the University and in its community. KTU aims to encourage curiosity for the adaptation of new technologies in the process of learning.


It is a part of the bigger project implemented by KTU, aiming to actualise the importance of interdisciplinarity, emphasise interaction between art and technologies, influence of new forms and actively promote interdisciplinary art.


Author of the painting is Linas Kaziulionis

Author of the interactive solutions is Tomas Stasiukaitis


How does it work: Come to KTU student campus and follow the provided instructions. Solve da Vinci code with your mobile phone and you will be able to control Mona Lisa with your mobile phone. Mona Lisa will change her appearance and take a photo of you.



Come to “Dadaist Mona Lisa in the 21st Century” mural and Mona Lisa will take a photo of you! KTU Mona Lisa wears modern glasses with camera. Press a button and smile to Mona Lisa!



Mona Lisa’s glasses are not ordinary! Solve da Vinci code with your mobile phone and change the colour of Mona Lisa’s glasses!



The best taken photos are stored in KTU Mona Lisa’s gallery. Go to website https://monaliza.ktu.edu/gallery/ and look what she has captured!


More information: https://monaliza.ktu.edu/