November 1, 2017

VMU graduate Meet Jariwala: “There’s no chance of getting bored in the student city Kaunas”

Recent Vytautas Magnus University graduate from India Meet Jariwala came to Lithuania with huge academic aspirations. But studying abroad is not as easy as it looks. According to Meet, he landed in completely different world – everything was new since it was his first experience of studying and living abroad. New to culture, new to people, new to language – coming to this new world was a challenge, but he stuck with his dream.


“Lithuania looks bit different at the first sight but it is very peculiar from inside”, says Meet. He quickly adapted and enjoyed his time in Kaunas. “The city Kaunas itself is a student city, having highest number of students in all Baltic cities. The atmosphere is very lively and colourful there. There is no chance of getting bored”, he claims.


VMU international student community was full of life. He enjoyed the Friday-night dinner from various cuisines of the world, made by students from different nationalities and other events. With huge support from the university and help from the Embassy of India, he organised cultural events, such as “Navaratri” (traditional Hindu nine nights’ festival) or “Diwali” (traditional Hindu festival of lights) for two consecutive years during his master’s studies. Together with his friends, Meet also initiated the first ever Cricket Club in VMU history and took part in the Inter-University Cricket Tournament. The extra-curricular activities at the university helped him make life-long friends.


But most of all, Meet Jariwala was impressed with the academic environment. Having a bachelor degree in Genetics from India, he chose master’s degree Molecular Biology and Biotechnology programme.The subjects there ranged from Animal Biotechnology to Molecular Immunology, Ecology to Forensic Medicine. That gave me sound knowledge about everything related to my topics. Additionally, it provided me with critical brain to think upon and choose wisely between different areas. I have seen the quality of education of VMU going always in positive direction. The staff is quite liberal – allowing the creative students to choose their own topics and continue in that specific area, providing all the necessary guidance and support”, says Meet.


While studying at VMU, he also got a chance to participate in Erasmus+ Exchange Programs and Traineeships in couple of European countries, which helped deepen his knowledge about European culture. “It not only enhanced practical skills in my field, but also taught me to live wisely with the people of different cultures while staying in peace and harmony”.


After finishing his Master Thesis in the field of Neurosciences and receiving diploma with excellent grades, Meet Jariwala decided to continue his education with Doctoral studies. “VMU opened up my doors to enter the professional scientific environment and allowed me to explore by my own. I really thank VMU staff and its members who have always been kind and supportive to me in every situation. They really have time to listen to their students and come up with alternative solutions. As the name says, VMU is truly a liberal university”, says VMU graduate from India.


You may read his full story about study abroad experience here: http://www.vdu.lt/en/meet-jariwala-truly-it-all-started-with-a-dream/