October 2, 2017

“Lithuania is a growing European Union country, so there are a lot of opportunities,“ says Hasan from Azerbaijan

International students including the first-year students started the new academic year in Lithuania with high expectations and big plans. One of them – an ambitious Accounting student of Kaunas University of Technology Hasan from Azerbaijan, who arrived only six weeks ago, but already adapted in Lithuania. 

“Couple of my friends from Azerbaijan, who are students at KTU, recommended the university and the country, so I decided to apply and – luckily for me – I also received a scholarship”, said Hasan, who was awarded with Lithuanian state funded scholarship for full time master’s degree studies.

“My friends praised the academic environment in Lithuania and overall living conditions for a student. They also told me about a lot of opportunities here. And they were right – I love it so far. People I met in Kaunas are very kind and helpful. It’s a big plus”, thinks Hasan.

Hasan heard many positive things about Lithuania from his parents, who once visited the country and fell in love it. So it was an easy decision to apply and an easy application process.

“The application for admission process was very convenient. I also applied for admission to ISM, but finally chose KTU. It’s great that many Lithuanian universities have the same application procedure. It is easy to apply to so many universities at once. Students sometimes might get confused with different application systems, so it’s very convenient that a bunch of universities in Lithuania have the same centralized procedure”, the postgraduate student shared his experiences.

Hasan also applied for the Lithuanian state funded scholarship, which covers both tuition fee and living expenses.

“I am most happy that I received the scholarship. It helps a lot – you feel free and you are able to focus on your education goals instead of worrying about how to cover your living expenses. According to my calculations, the scholarship I received is enough for the student needs in Lithuania”, believes he.

Yet Hasan is still thinking of finding a job – he has big plans for his future and needs an experience to grow his career: “Lithuania is a growing European Union country, so there are a lot of opportunities. I’m planning to participate in Erasmus+ internship programme in order to gain international work experience. I hope everything goes as planned.”

Over the past few years more and more ambitious students from Azerbaijan are finding and choosing Lithuania as a destination for studies or a starting point for their careers. According to the statistics, last year there were 198 Azerbaijani students in Lithuanian higher education institutions.

Citizens of Azerbaijan will have a chance to find more about higher education opportunities in Lithuania by attending the 11th Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition where “Study In Lithuania” stand will be present. The visitors of the education fair will be able to meet Lithuanian Higher Education institutions face-to-face, ask questions about the courses offered and talk about what it is really like to study abroad. 

High quality studies, EU-wide recognized diplomas, friendly and welcoming Lithuanian academic society are just a few of many benefits for international students.