August 24, 2017

KTU welcomes international students in style

The Welcome Week just kicked off at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). Students from all around the world are gathering together for the very first adventure in the university.

With lots of creative and fun activities, KTU has a unique way to welcome international students – they are participating in introductory lectures, signing up for student organizations and making friends with fellow students, as well as taking part in various games, such as “Friends in 5 minutes”, “Letter to Future Self” or orientation around the campus game “Treasure Hunt”.

The university received nearly a thousand applications for admission this year. The university is growing and expanding geographically – students from different continents and distant countries such as South Korea, Mexico or Brazil are joining KTU this year.


“It’s been almost a week since I arrived and I love it. Couple of my friends, who are students at KTU, recommended the university and the country, so I decided to apply and – luckily for me – I also received a scholarship”, said Hasan from Azerbaijan, who was awarded with Lithuanian state funded scholarship for full time master’s degree studies.

Hasan has high expectations and big plans for his future. “Lithuania is a growing European Union country, so there are a lot of opportunities. I’m also planning to participate in Erasmus+ internship programme in order to gain international work experience. People I met in Kaunas so far are very kind and helpful and it’s also a big plus”.

Hasan already made some friends and is looking forward to exciting new experiences in Lithuania.

Check https://admissions.ktu.edu/welcome-week/ or https://www.facebook.com/events/1967876670158584/ for more information about the Welcome Week.