April 10, 2017

5 tips to help you make friends when studying in Lithuania

Studying in Lithuania is not only about gaining international education, it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world (students from more than 100 different countries are currently studying in Lithuania) and make new friends. You can learn a lot more about new culture by seeing through the eyes of your friend. It helps you experience and understand the world in so many different ways.

You’ll be surprised by how easily you can make friends in Lithuania. Just give it a try. The friendship made during the university years can last a lifetime.

Here are five tips to help you make friends and get the most of your studies in Lithuania:


1. Friendship starts with a smile

The best way to make friends or start a chat is simply to smile. You smile, I smile. It’s that easy. Lithuanians are very friendly and they’ll start talking to you as to an old friend from the very first conversation.


2. Be brave and open-minded

You are the citizen of the world. Just like everyone else. Be sure that no one in Lithuania will ever judge you by the country you came from. What matters is your personal values. Everything else is secondary.


3. Use social media and make friends with fellow students

Reach out to fellow students on social media. You will know what events are coming up and what students are up to! Lithuanian universities also have Facebook pages dedicated to international students. It is easy to make friends with an international student just like you and share experiences about living and studying in Lithuania (favorite places to go and so on).


4. Join student society

From sports team to poetry society or robotics club – taking part in lively Lithuanian university societies, which are open to international students, is a great way to meet someone who has the same interests. There are a lot of activities, meetups and so on. Students also host popular events such as the Physicist’s Day, which features a giant mechanical dinosaur in its procession and many more.


5. Be proactive and spend less time in your dorm room

There are a lot of cultural events throughout the country that attract a lot of students, such as the Culture Night or Street Music Day, not to mention film or music festivals. Remember, students are a sociable bunch and are always up to anything which means having fun:  movies, traveling or weekend break.