April 6, 2017

Study in Lithuania Education Fair in Kiev

It is a great time to be in Kiev. The Study in Lithuania Education Fair opened to visitors today. Some of prospective students from Ukraine were gathering around before the opening hours. Now they have a chance to meet Lithuanian Higher Education institutions face-to-face and ask questions about the study opportunities in Lithuania.

High quality, modern and innovative studies, EU-wide recognized diplomas, friendly and welcoming Lithuanian academic society are just a few of many benefits for Ukrainians. Recently, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania announced 40 fully-funded scholarships for full-time postgraduate studies (that cover both tuition fee and living expenses) dedicated to citizens of Ukraine.

Earlier this week Study in Lithuania held a press conference which featured two Ukrainian students who shared their experiences on studying in Lithuania.

„The education level is just outstanding with a lot of lecturers and conference speakers from all over the world coming to the university including representatives of European Union, United Nations or NATO,” said Vitaliy Petriv, international student from Ukraine at Vytautas Magnus University. “The knowledge gained and skills acquired through the traineeship programmes are things that enhanced the education I obtained in Lithuania. These skills will be beneficial to helping successful European integration of Ukraine”.

“I also have this idea-fixe to bring the European level education and knowledge back to my homeland and help my country grow,” said Kateryna Khozroshyna, graduate of LCC International University, who currently lives and works in Ukraine.

If you happen to be in Kiev, stop by at the Hotel Khreschatyk, 14 Khreschatyk Str. and visit Study in Lithuania Education Fair.  

Check out the full conference: