April 2, 2017

KU Study Programme Production Engineering was Accredited for Six Years

Recently the Faculty of Marine Engineering and Natural Sciences of Klaipėda University were happy to learn that the 2nd cycle study programme Production Engineering was accredited for 6 years. Based on the description of the procedure for the external evaluation and accreditation of study programmes, the latter can be accredited either for three or for six years.

On March 13, the Faculty was visited by study quality evaluation experts from Lithuania, Spain, Great Britain, and Sweden. During the visit, they met with the students and the staff of the study programme, its alumni, social partners, and the Faculty administration.

The head of the study programme Jolanta Janutėnienė said that the experts emphasised the principal strength of the programme structure; an integrated approach to engineering. ”Moreover, they appreciated the fact that our students had the opportunity to do their traineeship in different business companies that Klaipėda University cooperated with, such as Klaipėdos baldai, Klaipėdos nafta, Klaipėdos kartonas, Western Shipyard, etc. They could also do their traineeship in the Marine Constructions Reliability Laboratory of Faculty of Marine Engineering and Natural Sciences, Klaipėda University. ”

In the programme evaluation conclusions, the experts emphasised the fact that the students enjoyed a package of academic and social support: they were provided with dormitories and grants, used the virtual learning environment, received psychological assistance, and were entitled to partial studies abroad under the Erasmus+ exchange programme or post-degree studies. ”The present study programme was accredited for six years for the first time: we used to be criticised for the lack of flexibility. We took it into account, and presently the students of the Production Engineering study programme can choose from a number of electives and participate in exchange programmes. Moreover, quite a few students come to study from abroad”, said  J. Janutėnienė. 

Production engineering is a promising specialty in great demand in Lithuania. Foreign experts recommended the University to look for student grants funding possibilities to cover their study expenses, as there are not so many state-funded places. However, the graduate employment indicators are very high.  

As stated by the head of the programme J. Janutėnienė, ”we made a great effort to improve the study programme. I appreciate and respond to the comments of foreign experts, as they encourage new ideas and movement forward.”