February 9, 2017

LSMU student Anish: „If you can book the next flight over to Kaunas – do it!“

Anish, a 23 year old medicine student from united Kingdom is is currently studying at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU).

In the following short interview Anish talks about his decision to study at LSMU, the first impressions of the university and the country, as well as his free time in Kaunas city.


What made you decide to choose Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU)?
My decision to study in Kaunas was made without too much thought. I heard about a few universities within the EU that provided the medical courses in English language. After getting in touch with my friends and friends of friends who studied in those universities, it became clear to me that LSMU was above all others. The way the course is structured was one of the key aspects of why I chose LSMU; the problem based learning applied here, which is what a lot of other universities don’t have. It makes the learning process effective, easier and more understandable.
Can you describe LSMU in 3 words?
Home from home!
What impression of LSMU did you get first?
There are introduction classes for the first year students during their first week. This was a delicate way of getting adjusted to living in a new city. Senior students gave us a tour of the campus and around the city. These aspects of our first week in Kaunas and being a part of LSMU made me realise that this University puts their students first.
What would you advice to a person who is thinking about studying in Lithuania?
The prospect of learning Lithuanian isn’t as hard as you think it is! This was something I was anxious about. Here is a few starters to Lithuanian language:  Labas, (Hello) plus a smile and an A-ch-iu (Thank you). This will get you a lot further in Lithuania than you may think. If you can book the next flight over to Kaunas – do it! Come for a visit first, if you want, and see. I am sure this will definitely help in finalizing Kaunas as your choice for studies.
What do you think about Lithuanian cuisine?  
Admittedly, the local cuisine lacks a bit of spice. I blame this opinion of mine on my Indian roots. However, the choices are rather extensive! There are a few restaurants that may surprise you with their rather generous portions of cepelinai (zeppelins) or cold soups. I do recommend everyone to try out the local cuisine, you won’t be disappointed. 
What do you do in your free time in Kaunas?
I have spent a lot of my time in Kaunas taking photos of the city and the people. The richness and diverseness of Lithuanian culture has to be experienced rather than described in words. The chance of meeting different people who all speak different languages, eat different foods is truly amazing. Also, following the local „religion” of basketball! This sport occupies a major part of my free time in Kaunas. There are various types of sports open to all students organised by the University.