January 10, 2017

European Union project “Study in Europe” opens exciting new student film competition!

We are pleased to announce that our collaborators and partners, the European Union project “Study in Europe”, opened an exciting new student film competition, and we are encouraging YOU to participate!

Are you a student studying at a higher education institution in Europe? Want to show the world why you love studying here? “Study in Europe” is looking for fun, fresh short films that celebrate why it is great to study abroad in Europe. 
“Study in Europe” is inviting students across Europe to make short films and share their experiences of student life here.
Your mission is to create a ‘short film’ (60 seconds or less) to show other students around the world what you love about studying in Europe.  What inspired you to come to Europe? Tell everyone about any long-term ambitions you have achieved here or any personal challenges you have overcome while studying in Europe.
Please choose from one or more of the following categories:
  1. Making friends from different countries… introduce us to some of the international friends you have met and tell us why they are so important to you.
  2. Training for your perfect career… how is studying in Europe helping you achieve your aspirations?  What experiences have you had that will help you in the future?
  3. Discovering new cultures… show us how passionate you are about meeting new people and learning about the different cultures across Europe.
  4. Enjoying new hobbies and interests…. Tell us about your new interests you have developed and how they have added to your experience of living in Europe.
  5. Student life… explain to us what student life is like for you.  Do you have any top tips for students thinking about coming to study in Europe? 
Be in with a chance to win!
“Study in Europe” is planning to select and publish between 10 and 30 films. Each film we publish will receive a prize of a voucher to the value of 150 Euro.
For filming tips and full details on how to enter go to: https://ec.europa.eu/education/study-in-europe/news-views/video-competition_en
The closing date for entries is 10 February 2017. 
Good luck!