August 24, 2016

“ISLB International School of Law and Business knows how to treat students, they were supporting us at any time at any needs,” satisfied student claims

The International School of Law and Business/University of Applied Sciences (ISLB) is one of the largest private higher education institutions in Lithuania.

Studies at ISLB, which are conducted according to higher education study programmes acknowledged by the Ministry of Science and Education, are dynamic and highly oriented towards individual needs of students, the formation of their practical competence and provision of essential knowledge required for a working career.

ISLB provides a range of market-oriented courses taught in English. These courses are designed to offer students an opportunity to gain a broader knowledge and to receive specialized education in English provided by foreign and Lithuanian lecturers.


Of course, the best illustrators of the quality education ISLB provides are the students themselves. Here are some of their opinions:


“I had the chance to study abroad at ISLB. I’m very glad that I was given the opportunity to start my higher education in Lithuania. A question I used to ask myself before coming to Lithuania was will I survive in Vilnius? Although I was really scared of the answer to the previous question, I have found an amazing country and the city where you are testing your abilities and achieving objectives all the time. ISLB also gave me a chance to study part of my bachelor studies at Ecole de Management Lyon, France. Graduating from ISLB, I was accepted for Master Program at University of Vienna, Austria and now I’m graduating Universität Wien and preparing to participate in PHD program at one of the best universities of Paris.”

Yagub Aliyev


“Recently, I graduated from ISLB. It was my greatest pleasure to study in Vilnius as I gained very useful knowledge which led me to one of the best university in the EU. Now I study in Austria and I could not achieve this without ISLB. I will never forget the time in Lithuania and I think that it is the most right way to start your successful career.”


– Anano Chikhradze





“I graduated from ISLB in 2014, from beginning of study till graduation I always felt, ISLB knows how to treat students, they were supporting us at any time at any needs. Lecturers were great in ISLB, they were always understanding, helping and motivating me. Although my student days in ISLB were great, the experience, city, and friends I made and knowledge I gain was greater. Right after I graduated I’ve got job offer from Lithuanian company and now I’m working in my country as an business developer, I sold first in the world for Toyota dealership in Georgia interactive screens using Leap Motion hardware, with that project costumer is able to control screen and see Toyota cars with their definitions and different futures by using hand gestures in the air. For now I’m having negotiations with companies such as : Gulf, Coca-Cola, KFC and other domestic companies for bigger projects.”

- Archili Kvinikadze