May 25, 2016

“Study In Lithuania” team is visiting Lithuanian days in Dnipro, Ukraine

Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine together with Lithuanian craftsmen are organizing Lithuanian days in Dnipro and Odessa cities.

On May 27-29 the events will take place in Dnipro and on June 3-5 – in Odessa.
During Lithuanian days the town squares will host Lithuanian tent towns. The visitors will be able to see the works of many Lithuanian craftsmen and discover the wonders of famous Lithuanian dishes. The tent towns will also include a tent specifically dedicated to Lithuanian tourism, business and education.
The Education Exchanges Support Foundation will participate in Lithuanian days in Dnipro. The Foundation will introduce the visitors to study opportunities in Lithuania.
Success story
Currently there are 329 Ukrainian students studying in Lithuania. The number of newly accepted students is rising every year and many of them are very happy with the education and experience they are receiving.
Take Dmytro Oliinyk for example. 
Dmytro is a third-year student at Vilnius Business College, currently studying transportation business management. Three years ago he arrived in Vilnius after a recommendation he received from his friend. Three years later Dmytro is very happy with the opportunities offered by Vilnius Business College.
Dmytro admits the first year was difficult for him. He came to Lithuania alone, with no knowledge of the language or locals. However his adaptation didn’t take long and soon Dmytro found himself committed to his study programme and identified logistics as his favourite subject.
Back in Ukraine Dmytro was interested in professional billiard. Soon after arriving in Lithuania he joined the Lithuanian billiard federation, became the national billiard champion and is currently representing Lithuania in European and world championships.
After graduation Dmytro is planning to find a job. His internship at transportation enterprise “Girteka” was very successful and he was offered a position after he graduates. Once a newcomer student, now Dmytro himself is recommending the higher education opportunities in Lithuania to his Ukrainian friends.