December 27, 2015

Maja about studying at VMU: „It’s better than I expected!“

 Maja Mišovic is a first year Master degree student from Serbia who studies Journalism and Media Analysis in the Faculty of Political Sciences and Diplomacy of Vytautas Magnus University. This is her story:

Hello, Maja, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
It is my pleasure to introduce myself. I am one of those rare people, who came to study in Lithuania from Balkans, Serbia. My decision to come to Vytautas Magnus University was based on my dream to specialise in the field of media. Even though I have graduated Bachelor in Journalism and I am aware that this profession is pretty stressful also not so well-payed I am still eager to become an objective journalist providing accurate information.
Despite writing and journalism, my third passion are languages. That is why I hope that one day I will manage to speak fluently Lithuanian. For now I speak English and Spanish. I can communicate in German on a basic level as well. 
Could you tell us your story of deciding to study in Lithuania, VMU?
If somebody would have told me last year that I will be a VMU student, I wouldn’t believe it! I wished to study abroad from my first years of Bachelor studies. Unfortunately, Erasmus program is not yet developed in Serbia. Because of that I decided to take Master studies abroad.
Required conditions for applying at VMU were just perfect for me! I had enough time by 10th July to graduate, to pass TOEFL exam and to pack my suitcase. My friends and family were astonished because of my decision. Unfortunately, people in Serbia don’t know almost anything about Lithuania, except that basketball is the second religion. I didn’t know even that! I wanted to discover it by myself and by now I am enjoying it very much!
Can you comment the quality of studies at VMU? Please share your study experience.
Before I came, the program of my studies Journalism and Media Analysis, seemed very interesting, but I was puzzled after my first class. It was better than I expected! Firstly, I appreciate a lot the idea of Moodle and FirstClass. Those are university online networks where students can find all of information about administration, notes, textbooks, homework and professors are always there to answer if there are some questions.
I have to admit that I am more than satisfied with my professors. Firstly, their English is very good. Three professors speak like English is their mother tongue. One professor is American. 
​What is more important is that their classes are really inspiring. We have a lot of readings and assignments in form of essays and reviews. My friends still can’t believe that I enjoy while I am learning.
If you had to describe VMU in general, what three factors you would highlight?
International atmosphere – That is one of the most valuable facts about VMU. Students and professors from the whole World make this University better because of their different experiences.
Help – It is almost impossible to have a problem for longer period during studies here, because colleagues, students from ESN, professors are always keen to find solution for us.
Flexibility – It’s still hard to believe that every day I am going to a formal educational institution. The reason is not just because colorful posters, table tennis and cozy environment. It’s because of friendly and professional lecturers.
Was it easy for you to integrate at university community and in Kaunas in general? Did the university help was useful?
Again, I think it’s hard not to find a solution here. Especially thanks to the International Office staff. During my preparations I had so many questions that it sometimes seemed as Sandra was just answering my emails and that I didn’t let her do anything else. There is Eglė as well, who is like our Mommy. Whatever we need, we run to ask her for further steps.
When I talk with other students about mentors, everybody agrees with me that mine is the best. I assume that it just approves that Karolis really deserved to be ESN president. When the International Office does not work I know that I can ask him for a piece of advice.
In terms of ESN, I can say that they are doing a great job! With them, time spent in Kaunas can’t be boring. Every week there is at least one event organised in a creative way!
I would like to add that living in the dormitory is the best way to socialise. You can meet people in the kitchen, hallway, laundry room, the lobby, playing billiards and so on.
Do you have a future plan for the next five years?  If yes, how does it sound like?
Five-years period seems a lot for me. For now, my big wish is to find a good internship program during next summer. After that it would be great to apply for Erasmus program in Czech Republic. Writing Master thesis seems like a big challenge for me but I am looking forward it. I hope it will be a crown on the top of my education.
Then it would be great to flow into my professional field, but without stopping discovering new cultures and countries. It would be the best for me to work as a reporter in Serbia. I am sure that I will return over and over again to Lithuania.
Please give one advice for students who are thinking of studying abroad.
​My most well-wishing advice would be that everybody who has a chance to study abroad should grab it without any doubt. It not just because of getting mature, being more independent but also because of broadening your mind, approving foreign languages and meeting people. In addition, it is wonderful when you spread information about your homeland for people who hadn’t known anything about it. From my point of view, young people are the best ambassadors of their countries.


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