December 16, 2015

Is “baptism” scary?

In most Lithuanian higher education institutions new students must go through „a baptism“ – an initiation ritual, before becoming recognized as students by their peers. Although such events are fun and usually organized by students themselves it might sound intimidating, especially for foreigners.

But it is not as intimidating as one might think, says KC, a current student of Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija.



As the first African in college, I was wondering how life will be studying with people from another race. I had many thoughts, but I love the adventure, hence my reason of taking up the mantle and saying “I must go and have new experiences!”

We left Vilnius around 9am and it was a smooth ride to the place where the baptism was held. It is a program to welcome new students I was told, and a way to play and be one big family. We were given cards with different colours when we got off the bus. The students were happy to be there, they wanted the fun to start. Even though the organizers are students as well, the college student union, they were treated with orderliness, obedience and respect among the other students. We had to start by listening to what the man we met at the place had to say – this time is for us to find balls like iron. Although he spoke to us in Lithuanian language but Arina, my partner girl was interpreting for me.

We had blue, red, orange, white, lemon and green teams and each team was made up of 5 people.

It was peaceful place calm and nice surroundings with trees and green field. I fell in love with the place. I was feeling cold the time we got there. The organizers provided tea and coffee to warm us up before we started the game. After coffee we were handed the map of the places where the balls and the rubbers were hidden and we started looking for them. We found only 3 but I enjoyed it because we ran as we were trying to find the balls, which made me feel hot.

After that we were taken around the place, the guide showed us around and told us stories about the field. After that he took us to where astronauts used to train. It was a wonderful experience, but also scary. Many students enjoyed the ride but I was afraid of the height. From there we were taken to the mirror store. I heard the man say that this is the biggest mirror store in the world. It was fun because when I looked at the mirror I saw another figure, to me it was my first time with such an experience and I enjoyed it. After that it was time to play ball into the net. My whole group had to play. We were full of energy, because we were connected physically and ready to get the highest mark.

So many things we did to bring us together! The students were very cooperative. I saw winning spirit in us and which is a positive thing.

After playing the ball we were served food and at night they handed the medals to us. My group was the first group to get medals. We danced, we laughed. It was a great experience being among the students of Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija!!! I call them my family. Thanks to the student union, students and all the staff that made this possible. Thank you! Ačiu!

Provided by Vilniaus Verslo Kolegija.