November 3, 2015

94% of foreign students would recommend studying in Lithuania

According to the recent preliminary data presented by the Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science there currently are 4562 foreign students studying in Lithuanian higher education institutions. 1557 new students started studying in Lithuanian universities and schools of applied science this year. The interest in studies in Lithuania is constantly growing while the current students continue to give positive feedback, mentioning high education quality for a reasonable price.

Most of the students that got accepted this year are from India (293), Belarus (159), Ukraine (144), Nigeria (94) and Azerbaijan (78). Other top 10 countries from which students are choosing to study in Lithuania include Georgia (74), Russia (59) Germany (57), China (41) and Israel (38). In total there are citizens of 105 different countries currently enrolled in Lithuanian higher education institutions.

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences attracts the largest number of foreigners (734). Most of them are Swedish (116) and Israeli (111). Other popular universities include Kaunas University of Technology (549), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (445), Vilnius University (415), Mykolas Romeris University (364) and European Humanities University, where the majority of foreigners are from Belarus. In 2015, just like before, medicine remains the most popular program of study. Engineering, management and social work programs also attract a lot of attention.

Compared to 2014 these numbers did not increase drastically, however the popularity of Lithuanian universities in the international education market is far from diminished. Throughout the last two years the number of foreign students increased by almost a thousand and such statistics are delightful. The rising numbers may be the result of Lithuanian higher education schools’ participation in various study fairs worldwide.  It also means that the advanced teaching methods and worldly attitude in Lithuanian higher education system are impressive to foreigners. 

Following the successful, recent education fairs we can only predict that these numbers will continue to grow in 2016.