March 22, 2015

Once more – can foreign students work in Lithuania? Of course they can!

That is one of the top questions we get asked in our trips and events promoting Lithuania. Short answer is – yes! The devil is in the details, however, so read on!

In order to work as a foreign student in Lithuania, you have two options. One is to get a work permit, which is issued by the Lithuanian labour exchange. This permit is given to a second year Bachelor degree students or first year of your Masters degree, PhD, or integrated studies. There is a limit on how many hours you can work – part-time (no more than four hours per day) – but no limits on how much you could potentially earn. That’s determined only by you and the employer, so good luck with negotiations!

In order to get the work permit, you will need to find a job first. Then it is just a matter of application, copy of your temporary residence permit, letter from the University and from your employer. It will be granted for a maximum period of 12 months, but there will be no restrictions to renew it when the time is due. It will cost you 35€.

Another option is a business certificate. Lithuanian state tax inspectorate has publish an English guide for obtaining a business certificate here. You would need one, if you were to work on a self-employed basis (think freelance creative work and similar). Most freelance jobs and even some full time positions might be available if you were to have such a certificate. Also, with this certificate, you will not need additional work permits, and you will be able to manage your own time (work as many hours as you’d like).

Choose wisely good luck job hunting!