January 28, 2015

The first joint U.K. – Lithuanian diplomas awarded to graduates

This week, the first joint U.K.-Lithuanian diplomas of the MRU and London Middlesex University (MU) Business and Media School (BMS) awarded to Master’s Degree programmes graduates. The BMS began activities in 2013.

BMS Director Assoc. Prof. Marius Lanskoronskis said diploma awarded to students who completed the Master’s Degree programmes: Financial Markets, Communication & Creative Industries and Electronic Business Management. “Partners from London participated in the final thesis defense and were very satisfied with the organization of the study process, the quality of thesis, as well as student preparation,” BMS Director said.

BMS programmes are accredited in both Lithuania and the UK, and meets both countries’ study quality requirements. Representatives of MU continuously monitor the implementation of the programmes.

“This partnership is important not only to our university, but for the entire Lithuanian academic community, especially for current and future students. By creating the possibility to gain a world-class higher education here in Lithuania, we make sure our students have best study conditions at affordable tuition rates,” – says M. Lanskoronskis. “The number of International Students in BMS programmes is rapidly growing as well. Students from Azerbaijan, India, China, Georgia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Ukraine come to MRU to study in BMS programmes.”

Mykolas Romeris University information