January 1, 2015

Lithuania joins Eurozone

Few minutes into the 2015 Lithuanian prime minister Algirdas Butkevicius withdrew the first symbolic euro note from an ATM, after which anyone in Lithuania could do it themselves, as Lithuania became the 19th member of the euro bloc countries. Few days ago we still operated with Litas, a national currency which served Lithuania well for more than two decades, but from 1st of January everything is priced in euros. If you have some litas saved, you will be able to change them to euros free of charge at the rate of 1 euro to 3.45 litas (or spend them in Lithuania for two weeks). Lithuanian national bank will accept litas indefinitely, while Lithuanian commercial banks will do that for half a year.

The move to euro is a long awaited one, with majority of Lithuanian population being for it – especially since our neighboring Baltic countries Latvia and Estonia have already joined the euro zone and majority of Lithuanian exports go to countries which have this currency as well. It will also be more convenient for students – as there will be no need to convert currency or even think about different types of money traveling around in and about most of Europe.

Tuition fees on our website are, in most cases, already converted to euros, however there might still be few study programmes or other pages which haven’t been updated yet. We are working on it 😉

Study in Lithuania team wishes you all a very happy new year – a year of discoveries, self-fulfillment and infinite reasons to smile!