July 27, 2014

New Join Master’s Degree Programme in Psychology, EU Funding Possibilities

New Joint Master’s Degree Programme Work and Organizational Psychology is offered by MRU jointly along with Tallinn’s University of Technology (TUT) in Estonia. After completion of the programme, students will receive a double diploma in Master of Psychology.

Students, applying for the “Work and Organizational Psychology” programme’s state non-financed place, can apply for EU structural fund-financed study places. The way study places will be financed from EU funds is as follows:

  1. Up to 10 students applying for a state non-financed place can apply for EU structural funds-financed place;
  2. A student agreeing to study in an EU structural funds financed place will have to pay a set fee, which will be returned if the student’s semester grades are good (there are no academic debts);
  3. A student can study up to 2 semesters in an EU structural funds financed-place and has possibility to have the tuition fee for 2 semesters reimbursed, and upon completion of the EU structural funds finance-placed term, the student pays for the remaining semester to the University, according to the set fee, which is not returned.

Student journeys to Tallinn and room and board expenses are also, in part, financed.

For information about the programme and funding possibilities contact: MRU Lecturer Natalija Norvilė at natalija@mruni.eu. For information about admissions contact MRU’s Agneta Lisauskienė at study@mruni.eu.

Application deadline – August 1st. Studies starts September 1st.

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