July 8, 2014

New legislation to favor international students

Lithuanian Seimas (our parliament), has recently passed a new revision of law governing the life and work of foreigners in Lithuania. Most notably, new legislation will let foreign students stay in Lithuania after their studies to look for a job, sort out their paperwork for continuous education or have a deserved rest without the hassle of renewing the living permit on different grounds than before. Besides that, there will be many more benefits for those who wish to do business and work in Lithuania – from shorter procedures to lower barriers of entry. These new regulations will come into effect from the 1st of November, and are targeted to those from countries outside of EU.

Previously Lithuanian laws stated that after the studies are over, foreigners have to leave Lithuania. Even when BA students wanted to continue their studies in MA, in most cases they had to leave the country to come back again with a new visa. However from next academic year after graduation foreign students will have a right to stay in Lithuania for further 6 months. According to International organization for migration, about 50% of foreign students who graduate in Lithuania would consider staying in Lithuania, and in few months’ time, it will be possible.

Foreign students will not only be able to stay after their studies, but there will be more opportunities to work as well. Although the existing rules of getting working permits will remain for those who want to work off-campus, those who plan to work in Universities, research facilities and similar institutions, or have paid work placements, will be able to work without additional paperwork.

Photo by Olga Posaskova