July 6, 2014

Oleksandra from Ukraine speaks about Chemistry and KTU

Oleksandra Korychenska, young and talented Ukrainian chose to study Chemistry in Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, and hasn‘t regretted her decision: „I find everything I need for quality education and research, and on top of that the city is beautiful, people are friendly and I have all the opportunities to go abroad”. She has no doubts about career prospects after she graduates, as recent employers surveys show KTU to lead among Lithuanian technological Universities in terms of skills that graduates possess; therefore it will be easy to get a job. But the most immediate plans for first-year master degree student Oleksandra is to make the best use of Erasmus+ programme and go to study for a semester in Spain, and after her master degree – to continue her research in PhD studies.

Is Chemistry your childhood dream?

I couldn’t say that. I had some success in Chemistry in School but I had good marks in other subjects too, so I had a lot of options what to study. Finally I decided to be a chemist and haven’t regretted my decision.

Chemistry was only hard the first two years of my Bachelor degree, but once I got used to information provided with chemical formulas, it is know much easier to understand them than a more common text.

It is your first time to study abroad. Why did you chose KTU?

Supervisor of my BA research project went to KTU for his post-doctorate studies, and told me that he found superb conditions for scientific research and studies and also about generous scholarships available. He advised me to come.

I was sure that I will be able to conduct my research in KTU and what’s even more important for every chemist, it is the trust he can feel from his research supervisors. This is why I chose KTU and not any other University. I am happy with my life and studies here and if all goes well, I’ll be happy to get my PhD in KTU, too.

What were your first impressions a year ago went you came to Kaunas? Did it meet your expectations?

The scientific equipment in KTU is really high-end, much better than the one found back at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, which has big financial problems. I don’t feel KTU has any of those problems. I am also a member of group of scientist taking part in international research projects, so there is no lack of financial support for my research.
As a student I have everything I need to successfully finish my degree. I am happy with opportunities to go to seminars, conferences, take part in various researches and work with experienced specialists.

Quality of life in Lithuania is also higher than in Ukraine. Although Kaunas is not a big city, it has enough shopping centers and places to go out. Dormitories are cozy and convenient.

During my free time I meet with other international students, because KTU has a lot of students who came with Erasmus+ programme. Together we go sightseeing or just chill out in the nearby restaurants and other venues.

KTU is really good at taking care about its students and no one is left alone. Overall, Lithuania is full of kind and helpful people and I feel great here.

How about the language barrier?

All lectures in University are given in English, so there aren’t any problems. I also know Russian, so I don’t find any difficulties to communicate as everyone speaks one of the two languages.

Will the studies at KTU help with your future career?

I have no doubts. One of the reasons to study abroad was to get the international experience. There is a different way about how people work in Ukraine and in other countries. Only buy learning these differences I can advance as a scientist and a specialist. This also gives me a lot of benefits as an employee. My studies at KTU is a big advantage.

Is being a chemist perspective?

Yes, it is a very perspective profession, especially when compared to marketing specialists or economists – of which there are a lot of. There is a big demand for chemists, physicists, biologists and so on.

Half of my friends back in Ukraine who studied Chemistry started working from their second year. Demand for Chemists is high and it is not difficult to find a job. I can’t imagine being a good chemists and not having any job offers.

How did you decide to use Erasmus+ programme?

KTU offers great conditions to make use of Erasmus+ and go study abroad. Students can chose from great number of European Universities and they also get scholarships. It is a great opportunity and it would be a shame not to use it. I plan to go to study for a semester in Spain, Rovira I Virgili University. I’m very excited to find out how everything is like over there!

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